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Jan 16, 2017 at 9:47 AM
Jul 12, 2016
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Jul 19, 1998 (Age: 18)

Owner of Sky Network | Setup & Adv. Services, Male, 18

aag4 was last seen:
Jan 16, 2017 at 9:47 AM


Owner of Sky Network | Setup & Adv. Services, Male, 18

aag4 was last seen:
Jan 16, 2017 at 9:47 AM
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    Jul 19, 1998 (Age: 18)
    (UTC+01:00) Central European Time | 01:54 PM



    Versefyi: I vouch for this user. Great user to work with. Helpful, thoughtful and efficient.
    Arysh: Vouch! Really nice guy with great personality and 100% trustworthy! <3
    DarkestCodes: Can vouch for aag4!
    TrustworthyCat: Huge Vouch! Very kind person, did a great job for me! would definately recommened him to anyone!
    Maaki21: Vouch for this person! really friendly and trust worthy c:
    MaxMine: Vouch! AMAZING Server Setup! Love the work for very cheap!
    ItsSilentShot: Vouch! Helped me out with BungeeCord voting config!
    EverestGamer: Vouch, Kind person and knows what he is talking about. I personally found him hard to work with but I just prefer getting things done quickly and easily.
    Xemo: Vouch! Helped me with Mystery Crates config and was constantly asking questions about what I told him to do.
    Reliable: Vouch! Setup votifier for me! good guy.
    Sonicrida: Vouch! I'm currently working with him to setup a server and everything is going super smoothly. Aag4 is nice and explains everything + provides me with recommendations for things that I know little about. I'll definitely be working with him in the future.
    TediStorm421: Vouch, Helped me with my builds and getting pupular on MCM
    CluelessAnthony: Vouch <3 Great guy tbh
    EkkoGamers: Vouch !! Fast and smooth Transaction and i will recommended this server
    JureSlime: Vouch. Gave him the vouch copy and he did as requested. Very nice guy indeed.
    legitgod12: Vouch for this Amazing Guy, Helped me with Slots for my server!!
    Temping: Vouch! for this awesome guy helped me setup bungee voting
    Zodaic: Vouch! Very easy to talk to and gets things done quickly. Don't hesitate to work with!
    simon44556: Vouch! Helped me setup my network and configure every plugin. Great guy fast response. Don't hesitate to work with.
    Valleys: Vouch!
    This user is amazing helped me fix all the bugs on my server and has helped finish my server and make it great :D
    Would recommend to all.
    Such a nice guy.
    stonehatch: Vouch! I had no clue how to set a dedicated server up and now is gona do it for me for FREE! Great guy and he sounds nice! Cant be better than that :)
    rewardedcarton: Vouch! Helped us set up our website on enjin, Very easy to contact and is very reliable.
    Prince4DX: Vouch aag4 trust worthy person wouldn't hesitate to deal with him.
    Mumzel: Vouch, smooth process with buying a trailer off me ;)
    OrancepotatoMC: + Vouch , User finished the task fast and did it with a friendly cheer.
    Naptic: Vouche, nice and fast person to work with. Gave me good Tips
    Codeninq: Vouch to aag4 , helped me with a bunch of stuff for free.
    Personal Slot #1 - Not for sale
    Ad Slot #2 - $1.50/month - rented by: ItsIcyB, expires: 11th of Feb 2017
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