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Community Guidelines and Rules

Here at MC-Market, we've established a set of guidelines and rules for the community. These rules are designed to encourage a safe and friendly environment.

MC-Market (herein referred to as “MCM”) has established a set of guidelines and expectations for its members to adhere to in order to keep the community a friendly and safe environment. We call these guidelines and expectations the MC-Market Community Guidelines and Rules (the “Guidelines”). By registering as a member and creating an account or otherwise using the site in any way, you agree to the Guidelines, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Service (the “Terms”), which incorporates the Guidelines and is hereby incorporated by reference.

As used in the Guidelines, a “member” refers to a user of the site, a “person” refers to a anyone, regardless if they use the site, and “content” refers to text, images, video, and links.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you are allowed to perform a certain action on MCM, always contact a staff member and request clarification. Just because something may not be listed here in the Guidelines, doesn’t mean it isn’t listed somewhere else.

The following rules apply globally across all areas on the site. No matter what you are doing on the site, you should follow these guidelines.
   1.1 Do not abuse the reactions system.
   1.2 Do not advertise other forums or websites that directly or indirectly compete with MC-Market.
   1.3 Do not create multiple accounts. Each member may have one personal account and one business account.
     1.3.1 If you have forgotten your password, use the password recovery tool to reset it.
     1.3.2 If you want to change your username, upgrade your account at http://www.mc-market.org/account/upgrades.
   1.4 Do not defame or otherwise trash another member, person, or thread.
   1.5 Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another member or person.
   1.6 Do not impersonate another member, person, or company or otherwise misrepresent yourself.
   1.7 Do not post content that contains “spoilers” of movies or TV shows.
   1.8 Do not post content that is meaningless or extremely low in quality. Content that might be considered meaningless includes, but is not limited to, posts that contain comments that aren’t related to the discussion topic of a thread and posts that only consist of one or two words.
   1.9 Do not post content in a language other than English, unless such content is in a private message with another member that has agreed to receive your message containing the content.
   1.10 Do not post content that is intended to defame or harm another member or person.
   1.11 Do not post content that is intended to increase your post count or produce ratings on your posts.
   1.12 Do not post content that is misleading in any way, such as content that is intended to lure users. This includes, but is not limited to, posting threads with “bait” titles and posting links with a message that leads a user to believe the link goes somewhere else.
   1.13 Do not post content that suggests that you want to be a staff member or that you should be a staff member. Our staff are handpicked and doing these things is not the way to get picked.
   1.14 Do not post content that is pornographic or sexually explicit.
   1.15 Do not post “goodbye” threads or other content that suggests you will no longer be using the site. These threads generate meaningless content, which is not allowed.
   1.16 Do not post images that are large in size. Any image posted in a post should be no larger than 1MB. If you post an image that is larger than 1MB, it may be removed without warning.
   1.17 Do not post links with the intention of producing revenue from users clicking on the link. This includes, but is not limited to, links from adf.ly and “referral” links. If in doubt, contact a staff member and request permission before posting your link. You may post these links in the Premium 'Begging Forum'.
   1.18 Do not post on threads in which the last reply was made over a month ago, unless you originally started the thread.
   1.19 Do not share personal information of another member or person.
   1.20 Do not share your account password with other members.
   1.21 Do not spam.
   1.22 Follow the instructions of staff members.
   1.23 Threads may only be bumped using the “Up Thread” feature and as the “Up Thread” feature permits. Do not post content intended to bump a thread.

   1.24 Do not post images(or any other content) or upload avatars that may be inappropriate or trigger epileptic seizures.
   1.25 Do not discuss, link, or promote any external groups or communities.

The following rules apply to the use of business accounts. “Business accounts” are defined as accounts used on behalf of or to represent a business, company, or other entity.
   2.1 Do not create threads or posts containing personal opinions regarding any topic using a business account.
   2.2 Ensure that it’s clear who owns the business account being used. If the account is shared, ensure it’s clear who is producing content on the account.
   2.3 If you have a personal account, you may not use a business account apply ratings to your account or reply to threads you’ve started on your personal account.
   2.4 Use of business accounts is limited to transactions with clients of the business that the account represents.
   2.5 All Global, Marketplace and Services Rules also apply to the use of business accounts.

The following rules apply to the shoutbox and are expected to be followed when posting messages in the shoutbox.
   3.1 Do not advertise any servers or external websites in the chatbox. This means that you may not post links with the intent to advertise or promote said servers or external websites.
   3.2 Do not attempt to contact staff members for staff related things via the chatbox. Use support request instead.
   3.3 Do not flame or start flame wars with other members in the chatbox. Flaming is a hostile and/or insulting interaction between members.
   3.4 Do not spam in the chatbox.
   3.5 Do not spam the chat report system. Spamming the chat report system means excessively reporting a member or excessively reporting multiple members for the same reason.
   3.6 Only advertise in 15-minute increments. This means that there must be at least 15 minutes between each advertisement that you post in the chatbox.
   3.7 Only advertise products and services for which an appropriate thread has been created.
   3.8 All Global Rules also apply to the use of the chatbox.

The following rules apply to contests and giveaways hosted on MC-Market by you.
   4.1 Always announce the winner of your contest upon closing. Failure to do so may result in warnings and/or a ban.
   4.2 Always specify a contest closing date. Failure to do so may result in your thread being removed.
   4.3 Do not advertise or offer to giveaway any item or service that you do not intend to actually giveaway.
   4.4 Do not advertise or offer to giveaway any item or service that you do not provide or own. Staff members may ask you to provide proof that you can provide what you are offering as a giveaway.
   4.5 Requiring users to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or otherwise connect with you on social media in order to win a contest/giveaway is not allowed.

The following rules apply to the Marketplace category.
   5.1 Do not advertise your service on another member’s thread.
   5.2 Do not buy or sell accounts in any section other than the Accounts section.
   5.3 Do not offer to buy an item or service if you intend not to pay for said item or service.
   5.4 Do not offer to sell an item or service if you intend not to provide said item or service.
   5.5 Do not sell or offer to sell anything you do not have the right to sell. This includes, but is not limited to, items and products that you do not own.
   5.6 In auction-style threads, always specify an auction end date. Failure to do so may result in your thread being removed.
   5.7 Do not sell any electronic books or other media that encourages “black-hat”, money-making, or any activities that may be considered objectionable on MC-Market. Staff members may moderate any such items that you may offer on MC-Market to ensure that it complies with these Rules, the TOS, and applicable law.

   5.8 Do not ask for vouch copies on a thread. You may ask the thread starter via PM unless they specifically state that no vouch copies are available.
   5.9 The sale of ebooks is not allowed.

The following rules apply to resources distributed and sold via MC-Market Resources (http://www.mc-market.org/resources/).
   6.1 Resources must be and function as they are described.
   6.2 Resources must be properly categorized. Miscategorized resources may be moved by staff members.
   6.3 Resources must not contain malware, viruses, or any other malicious program or script that may harm another user in any way.
   6.4 Updates to your resources should be actual updates. In other words, you may not post updates on your resources with the intent to “bump” your resource.
   6.5 All Global Rules and Marketplace and Services Rules also apply to resources.

The following rules apply to the use of the trading feedback system and are expected to be followed when giving feedback to other members.
   7.1 Cite any sources used when writing or editing an article. Use only credible and verifiable sources.
   7.2 Do not abuse the wiki. Use it as it was intended to be used.
   7.3 Do not promote yourself or any products or services you offer in any article you write or edit.
   7.4 Keep your writing and editing neutral. Feel free to state facts about opinions, but don’t state your opinion as fact.
   7.5 All Global Rules also apply to the use of the wiki.

The following rules apply to the sale of all minecraft accounts on the forum.
  8.1 Only "OG", Semi-OG and special accounts (capes & ranks) may be sold.
  8.2 Unmigrated, cracked, stolen and non-full access alt accounts are strictly prohibited. Cape codes are not allowed either.
  8.3 For every deal related to accounts, the account must be linked to the seller's MC-Market profile. You can do that via the Minecraft Association system. Scam reports won't be supported if that isn't the case.
  8.4 All account deals must happen within the accounts section. Posts outside the section to prevent the application form & verification system will result in a warning. PM's are allowed too if the account is linked to the MC-Market profile.
  8.5 If we don't have a section for the type of account you're trying to sell, we most likely don't allow it.
  8.6 The buying and selling of cape codes is not allowed.

The following rules apply to the reputation system on MC-Market.
  9.1 All reputation given must be constructive and informative. Example - Not allowed: "user is stupid dndw” or “vouch, cool user".
  9.2 When accusing someone of scamming, a scam report must be linked. This scam report must be created by YOU.
  9.3 You may not hint, tip or request a specific reputation rating on yourself or another member.
  9.4 You may not use giving/receiving reputation as a currency, reward, or condition.
  9.5 You may not team rep. This means that you're not allowed to "gang up" on a member by giving them reputation.
  9.6 All global rules apply. This includes trashing, disrespect, Harassment, hate and defamatory behaviour.
We are very strict on the reputation rules. If abuse is found, your permission to using the reputation system will be permanently revoked.

Last updated on 25th Dec 2016.