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✦Pixelmon Setup✦Amazing Terrain + READY TO GO! 1.01

A Ready-to-Go Pixelmon Setup✦Great Because a Few Big Youtubers Are Starting Pixelmon Again!

  1. Zeiyon
    Hello All!

    Today I bring you, a Pixelmon Server!

    This Pixelmon Server isn't like any you can just make, this one supports mods AND plugins!

    That's right, if you want you can add mods to this server AND plugins for an even better experience.

    For the time being, I have made NO changes to the Pixelmon experience, since this is just a Pixelmon Setup, with of course the essential plugin, essentials, and a few other necessary plugins, but if you like you can add any plugin from the many that are out there.

    Did I forget to state that this comes with AMAZING looking terrain!? Don't believe me? Look below!

    Amazing Terrain:

    Do you want proof that Pixelmon are really spawning in?

    PM Me

    Best Regards, Zeiyon,
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Recent Updates

  1. Added README!