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✦Skywars MapPack - "ColorLand" & "Kingdom"✦ 1.0

A SkyWars MapPack that your players will actually Enjoy!

  1. Zeiyon
    This map pack includes 2 Skywars Maps,
    "ColorLand" & "Kingdom"

    The map "Color-Land" is a great map, with a lot of colors.
    It has a Factory theme to it, but it isn't that noticeable.
    This is a great map that can hold 12 players.

    The map "Kingdom" is based on a Medieval Kingdom, which is very noticeable throughout the whole map.
    This amazing map can hold 12 players.

    There is a third map not currently available, but coming soon.
    It's name is "Blimp" and if you haven't already guessed, it's based around a 'Blimp' theme, which is extremely noticeable.
    This is a medium sized map with a Lot of Detail, and it can hold 4 players.



    Not Available yet for download.

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    Best Regards, Zeiyon,
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