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✦Custom SkyWars Setup✦5+ Custom Maps✦Custom Kits, GUIs, EVERYTHING! 1.0

The Best Of The Best Setups For SkyWars Anyone Could Have!

  1. Zeiyon


    Map 1:

    Map 2:

    Map 3:

    Map 4:

    Map 5:

    Custom Holograms:

    LeaderBoard Heads:

    -Richest Players: Players With The Highest Balance

    -Most Wins: Players That have Won The Most Amount Of Games.

    Deadliest Killers: Players With The Highest Number Of Kills.



    Essentials Custom Messages-








    And Every Other Command in Essentials!

    PM Me

    Best Regards, Zeiyon,
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Recent Reviews

  1. CreepasCraft
    Version: 1.0
    This MAP is Epic! I am going to use it for my server. thanks so much!
    1. Zeiyon