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Read Before Posting | How To Avoid Minecraft Account Scams

Discussion in 'Minecraft Accounts' started by Doge, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Doge

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    Minecraft Account Scams and How To Avoid Them

    The account business is a quite a risky one with many possible ways to scam. However, don’t let that discourage you! In this guide I’ll cover the most commonly used scams and how to avoid them.​

    1. Transaction ID “TID” Recovery Scam

    A scammer may possibly tell you that an account has no transaction ID or they’ll tell you it does and will give you a fake one. Once they sell you the account, they’ll use the transaction ID to recover it shortly after. There are many ways to do this, so make sure the user you buy from is trusted!

    How to avoid:
    • Make sure the seller is trustworthy and has a good reputation. Remember, reactions are not reputation.​
    • Check NameMC for a clock icon in the name history. This indicates that the account has been recovered via transaction ID before. This does not always mean that the account is a scam account, but it may expose a lying scammer.​
    • Look up the name and ask around. If credible people say that the name is a scam account, it will most likely be recovered.​

    2. Lying about ownership

    Many times a scammer will claim to have a nice name without actually owning it. They sometimes go as far as to forge evidence by using inspect element/photoshop or by using a non full access account.

    How to avoid:
    • Ask them to verify the account. This is impossible to do without actually having full access to an account. However, while they may own the account, it can always be recovered via transaction ID. As always, deal with trusted users.​

    3. Chargeback

    If you sell accounts using PayPal, there is a risk of the buyer charging back their payment. Even if sent through Family and Friends, a buyer can make a dispute of “Unauthorized Access” or chargeback via credit card or bank. This is why it’s smart not to sell valuable accounts to shady or new users who have no reputation.

    How to avoid:
    • Make sure your buyer is reputable and not an alt. (Verified PayPal helps)​
    • Use Bitcoin. This can not be chargedback. Only send bitcoin to reputable sellers.​

    4. Skype Impersonation

    Many deals are done through Skype. What a scammer may do is create a fake skype account resembling a reputable member of MCM. They will get their victim to go first and then block them to get away.

    How to avoid:
    • ALWAYS PM the user on MCM to confirm. That’s all it takes. A common method for scammers is to put “.mcm” or “mcm” after a name and pose as an MCM user.​
    • To be most secure, MCM PM is recommended as all PMs can be used as evidence should a deal go wrong.​

    5. Dispute Links

    Recently, Mojang has changed the way dispute links work. Previously, if one used security questions to move an account to their own email, they could move it to a different email and generate another dispute link. When the owner disputed their account, they could use the other link and steal the account. Because of this, once an account is moved to a different email, it may not be moved again to ensure the dispute link the owner has will still work. To change the email, you have to contact Mojang with your TID, or ask the previous owner to dispute link the account and give it to the new buyer. Alternatively, people have been selling the account with the email it is on.

    This is why one should buy only from people that can be trusted 100% since it is now so easy to take back any account.

    How to avoid:
    • Buy only from trusted users.​
    • Buy with the email the account is on.​


    • Look up the user’s Skype and accounts for sale in the search bar. If you discover an alternate account, report it to the staff team!​
    • If a user is new and they claim to have many capes/valuable accounts for sale or want to buy, don’t deal with them as they have nothing to lose and can easily scam you.​
    • If a deal is too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. If a user says they have a cape or amazing name for very cheap, chances are it’s a scam.​
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