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Read Before Posting | Minecraft Account Locking - What You Need To Know.

Discussion in 'Minecraft Accounts' started by Doge, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Doge

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    Minecraft Account Locking Information

    As of late February, Mojang has implemented an automated system to "lock" likely stolen accounts. I'll be covering how this "locking" works and some common misconceptions.

    What exactly is this "locking"?

    When an account gets "locked", a suffix of "-compromised" gets added to the email and the password gets reset. This renders the account useless until someone contacts Mojang Support providing the Transaction ID or alternate requested information regarding the original purchase.

    How does this happen?

    The whole system is based solely off account migration information.

    • If multiple accounts are migrated within a short timeframe on the same IP, all accounts migrated within that timeframe on the IP will be "locked".

    • The "lock" may not be instant, as it typically happens every few days or weeks.

    How can I avoid this?

    • If your account hasn't been "locked" after a month since migration, chances are you have successfully avoided the system. This can easily be done by using unique IPs for each migration. To check when an account was migrated/purchased, see the Mojang.com profile page. Ask the seller for the date before buying if needed.

    • Don't use unmigrated accounts. If you're going to get a nice OG name to sell, consider buying an account that comes with the Transaction ID from a reputable member, buy a giftcode, or for most security; buy from minecraft.net.

    • If your account came on a Mojang account when you originally purchased it from minecraft.net, you're safe.

    What precautions should I take when buying?

    • It is strongly recommended to only purchase accounts with a date of at least a month old on the Mojang profile page. This means that the account likely has passed the system. To check when an account was migrated/purchased, see the Mojang.com profile page. Ask the seller for the date before buying if needed.

    • Make sure that the seller is reputable and is telling the truth about the account's origin.

    Remember: Only purchase accounts that you are confident with being secure by following the above bullet points. There is somewhat of a risk involved with account dealing as with any item, so be sure to deal safely.

    Fortunately, Mojang has implemented measures to stop unmigrated accounts from being stolen as easily. Because of this, the chances of running into an account that will be "locked" are much less.

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