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Suggestion Please Open the Server XD

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Mein Kampf, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf Server Config Artist Suspended Premium

    Minecraft accounts: I3ooI3oo
    Alright I think we all can agree the server is basically dead. 3ish people on (At least when I go on) now I don't know if this is a good idea because I personally think they should keep their main focus on McMarket Forums. But SMP just doesnt do people anymore neither I. I mean yeah a community no pvp, no griefing seems fun. It really isnt though </3.

    I mean the server is basically sugar. That's all. It needs some spice.

    Maybe some little PvP events ;)
    I don't know, but no pvp hurts my soul.
    (I know in that one little area but come on.)

    I mean the server overall is really boring. Sorry I know and understand you put a lot of effort into it, but maybe do what mojang did and let the players take it on from there. I know there are suggestions but it would be really cool if we actually got to decide what happens with the server. There wouldnt be pay of course just the community doing something fun.

    And back a long time ago I made ahead stating we should add cool stuff that you can buy in buycraft and you said we dont need any donations then why do we have the $3 entry fee I dont know I dont really that like that imo. I understand you wanna keep spambots out etc but then make them still register to join and keep it whitelisted. I know there would be a lot of work for you guys then though. Default members arent these nazi's who like to just constantly troll xD. I'd play a lot more if it was more active.

    Talk about below what you want.
  2. Hannes

    Hannes Motion designer. Premium

    Minecraft accounts: Hqnnes Comparator Motorboats
    I would be more than happy to host some Events and come up with more ideas for Events. :p
  3. Arian

    Arian I NEED BTC FOLKS Premium

    Turning it into an anarchy server would be splended.
  4. TheLostName

    TheLostName Owner of Wireless Build Team Premium

    In my honest opinion, I would have to disagree. I like to smallish playerbase that it has currently. It's nicer to interact with the players and construct a close bond by helping each other out. The server is heaps of fun really. Invest some time in it, have a friend help you out and you'll see what I mean :)
  5. Jet

    Jet Well-Known Member Supreme Premium

    Minecraft accounts: CyberDuck Fluttershyy JetMcFly
    If you want to pvp, go to the dedicated pvp arena at spawn! I hate pvp out in the wild.
  6. Justis R

    Justis R Godfather Resource Moderator Moderator Supreme Premium

    Events - Accepted and in progress
    PVP - Accepted and in progress
    Open the server - Accepted, now open to all users who have their MC account associated with their profile.
    Join at play.mc-market.org ^-^
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