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Suggestion change the server back

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Sophie, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. Sophie

    Sophie Well-Known Member Supreme Premium

    all my shit was lost on the server because when it reset the land got unclaimed and i wasn't informed, i lost like 5-6 double chests full of items which had gold blocks, diamond blocks, iron blocks, iron, railways everything. it had god apples.
    Rollback the server to where claims were actually FIXED instead of now when everything is broke
  2. Boycot

    Boycot Hosting Expert Supreme Premium

    Minecraft accounts: BoycotMC
    This won't happen.

    Many people have been playing on the server after the release and all of their data would be lost.
  3. Justis R

    Justis R Godfather Resource Moderator Moderator Supreme Premium

    Claims were set to expire after two months of inactivity.
    You've been inactive on the server for much much longer than that; and as a result, your claims expired.
    It was set at two months, because I could not imagine that anyone who has been inactive for longer than that would have any interest in the stuff they left.
    The server will not be reset; and in fact, there has been quite a lot of play since the release.

    So unfortunately, I'm going to have to deny this suggestion.

    I do feel bad that I didn't set it to 8 months, or whatever it would have taken for you to keep your claims, because it wasn't my intention to take away claims from those who wanted them. So I'll be happy to compensate as much as I can afford to out of my own pocket.
    I'm happy to give you one of my Elytra, some of my ore blocks, enchanted dia armor, tools, whatever you need to get back on your feet. Just shoot me a PM, and let me know what I can do for you as a player on the server.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.