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Network RageCraft Network For Sale [60$!] [OVER 1000$ PREMIUM PLUGINS] [HIGH QUALITY GFXS]

Discussion in 'Servers' started by MrCleverTrevor, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    After over 3 years of progress it is now time to turn over RageCraft to someone else hands!

    Please read this entire thread.


    Hey Guys,

    I am extremely upset to do this because for the amount of work i have put into RageCraft i know i am going to get not much in return. RageCraft has been my server for the past 3 years starting it March of 2012 taking about an 8 month break in 2013. RageCraft started as a small server with a single Dragon Plan called RageCraftGames like the bad server owner i was back then i attempt to make a multiworld hub server. That didn't work but our unique plotme survival server allowed us to gain a peak of 90 players with around 30 online at a time. That was the fun and simple times of RageCraft during which we were getting about 45$ donations per month.

    My name is Trevor and i am a Plugin Marketer, Server Owner, and System Administrator. I have been working for about 3 years. During those 3 years I got MiniaturePets and UHCReloaded into the premium top 10 plugins, created RageCraft which was mildly successfully for the very small time it was open, and was system adminstrator on serveral large servers including WoodyCraft, TimelessPVP, and Minewaves. I have an extremely large reputation on SpigotMC and am new to MC-Market. I am here to sell RageCraft because i want to see it succeed like i know it can but i do not have enough time to make it successfully like it deserves. I am too busy in real life to continue with RageCraft and i think i should move into other projects.

    Over the entire RageCraft project i have probably spent close to 12,000$ although at this time i have very little proof of everything and almost no work to show for those 12,000$ that was spent on RageCraft. I am aware that because of the amount of work and proof i have for you guys today i will get no where even close to 12,000$ for RageCraft. So lets get right into what is for sale;

    Table of Content
    • Introduction
    • Table of Content
    • Assets
      • Domain
      • Websites
      • Xenforo
      • Premium Plugins
      • RageCon
      • Graphics
      • Maps
      • Extra
    • Bidding
    • Contact
    • Conclusion
    RageCraft owns http://www.ragecraft.net/ which was purchased for 257$ in June of 2015.

    At one point according to worthofweb RageCraft was worth.

    I am very very certain that the worth of ragecraft.net was gone down drastically. RageCraft.com is for sale for about 2,000$. On a scale from 1-10 for minecraft servers I would say this domain would be a 9. RageCraft is a really nice name for a minecraft server.

    RageCraft websites were all hacked and deleted by OurMine when the server was hacked about 4 weeks. So i do not have backups for the sites but the majority of websites i will be willing to setup for no extra cost.
    RageCraft has the following websites;

    http://www.ragecraft.net/ - This the main RageCraft website which used Xenforo used for forums, news, with leaderboards. The page had forums, news, leaderboards, votes and a lot more. See "Xenforo" for all products. This website can be setup for free.

    http://play.ragecraft.net/ - This is a super simple page telling people that this is the ip to login the page.

    http://stats.ragecraft.net/ - This page is stats page for player count tracking. Inspired by CubeCraft.

    http://status.ragecraft.net/ - This page is status page which used status.io

    http://bans.ragecraft.net/ - This is the RageCraft ban system website which used Saikban by yawkat. This website can be setup for free.

    http://cassidy.ragecraft.net/ - This page was going to be used for RageCloud the huge system that was going to make RageCraft amazing but we ran out of money doing this project :/ infomation for this project can be found here

    http://reports.ragecraft.net/ - This is the RageCraft report website which used Cricket by yawkat. This website can be setup for free.

    http://mysql.ragecraft.net/ - This is just a simple PhpMyAdmin website. This website can be setup for free.

    http://git.ragecraft.net/ - This is the git page for the developers which used GitLab and the GitLab mobile app. This website can be setup for free.

    http://buy.ragecraft.net/ - This is a buycraft page which can be viewed at http://play-ragecraft.buycraft.net/. Please note that my webserver was just wiped so the css file that i hosted is gone. So if you want to see it for yourself change "<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://ragecraft.net/buycraft/main.min.css">" to "<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://craftilldawn.com/buycraft/main.min.css"> This website can be setup for free.
    RageCraft's first website :)

    Pre-Xenforo website

    RageCraft has purchased several things in relations to Xenforo;
    Xenforo License [160$]- Vaild until Aug 2017

    Xenporta 2 w/ branding removal [90$]

    Tacticle Light [$35]

    #Rekt with Custom Homepage [$40]

    MineSync [$30]

    Post Ratings [25$]

    There are about 380$ worth of Xenforo items

    Premium Plugins:
    With my research done for choosing to sell RageCraft on mc-market I noticed that server owners don't tend to sell premium plugins, i dont know if this is a rule or something but i have not seen anything saying that you cant. So i was thinking that usually on premium plugin description page it says something like "This plugin can only be used on your network" so as long as you only use the plugin. Just to make sure i dont get in trouble while making this i decided to send an email to md_5 which didn't help that much but he said;
    because that is not a no i am going to continue with selling my premium plugins, but you have to promise you will only use them on RageCraft. I was going to hyperlink the plugin but that is too much. Some of the plugins are in deleted i should still have the latest copy. If i dont have the latest copy and you still want it i will take off 5$ per plugin off the sale price. Some plugins could have been purchased during a sale but these are still the main prices.
    Normal plugins are in green | Deleted plugins are in red | InactiveResources are orange
    All prices have been converted to USD
    UltimateBungee by minelazz [10$]
    TheUnderground by minelazz [25$]
    SkyWardKits by JAMSTEL [15$]
    Hub by MomsKnife [10$]
    FactionsUUID by drtshock [15$]
    The Bridges Minigame by inactiveResources [20$]
    ProdigyGadgets by coco_gigpn [15.62$]
    SurvivalGames by Wazup92 [10$]
    AntiAura by joehot200 [6.20$]
    Tab by Maximavdw [5$]
    SQLPerms by john01dav [10$]
    Auto-UHC by barrochuda [20$]
    FactionsTax by Cayorion [10$]
    LeaderHeads by RobiRami [12.50$]
    TokenEnchant by vk2gpz [10.61$]
    Ultra Hardcore Reloaded by Upd4ting [16$]
    FancyHub by TimeVisualStudios [5.99$]
    Cricket by yawkat [20.83$]
    EasyColorChat by Headgam3z [8.99$]
    HeadHats by deantonious [8$]
    SQLTokens by John01dav [10$]
    HoloShop by bobacadodl [18$]
    DynamicSigns by Maximvdw [5$]
    Pl3xSigns by BillyGalbreath [2$]
    CrateReloaded by dinosaur [10.95$]
    Content Management Interface by Zrips [9.37$]
    Search&Destroy Minigame by InactiveResources [10$]
    ItemHolo by OnikurChan [10$]
    UltraDrop by bobacadad [10$]
    UltimateFriends by M1nefan [10$]
    Decorations by PaulBGD [5$]
    BowEffects by Jeroenhero [5$]
    Give Anything Listener by swifteh [20$]
    LobbyEssentialsPlus by DaneDonnelly [12$]
    BungeeColoredServerList by MrCleverTrevor [5$]
    PermissionsTimer by vk2gpz [12.73$]
    StaffApplications by Jakebooy [10$]
    SurvivalChests by RepublicanSensi [2.50$]
    BungeeTeleportSigns by AlphartDev [7$]
    GlobalChestShop by EDMAN92 [10.41$]
    MoreTNTs by minelazz [7.99$]
    LuckyBlockWars by JoesphGP [5$]
    AAC by konsolas [24.80$]
    AdvancedShops by aboood-bah [5$]
    SkyWars by CookLoco [15$]
    RotatingServerIcons by cindyk [5$]
    AdvancedDuel by Senpai [5$]
    ZAO:REMAKE by Zindev [7.99$]
    AdvancedLobby by l3st4tplugins [6.67$]
    Mail by Dablakhandit [1$]
    EpicWorldGenerator by minelazz [39.99$]
    PowerfulPerms by gustav9797 [15$]
    PlayersServers by Abseente23 [15.83$]
    UltraKOTH by DaneDonnelly [7.50$]
    BannerCapes by Shynixn [10$]
    ASyncWorldEdit by SB_Prime [10$]
    Hide and Seek by Wazup02 [10$]
    BannerShields by Syninx [5.10$]
    EasyPluginPass by HeadGam3z [8.99$]
    Bridges Minigame by Juzz0r [10.41$]
    EasyColorChat by HeadGam3z [8.99$]
    BombSweeper by reider45 [2.50$]
    StockMarket by maldahleh [10.80$]
    FactionWars by PhilipNostrum [10.83$]
    MergedMob [15.50$]
    DisguiseAbilities by xeRicker [7.81$]
    PetBlocks by Shyninx [9.36$]
    AddictiveCookieClicker by RobiFoxx [5$]
    SuperScratcher by ChaoZ [10.40$]
    LeakWalls by Nic0 [10$]
    Gambling by ParaStyle [7.43$]
    MineFortress by TigerHix [20$]
    RedisBungee by Chunkr [12.49$]
    CloudSystem by DevCubeHD [31.24$]
    EggWars by gaelitoelquesito [14.99$]
    WhackAMole by JDM [.99$]
    ParkourRun by Ploxh4D [5.21$]
    FactionsTop by Grrocks [4.90$]
    LeaderHeads Web by RobiRami [12.50$]
    ConnectFour by reider45 [2.50$]
    SkyWars by JustLeo [9.99$]
    Airbar by Maximvdw [10$]
    GalacticPanel by computergeek23 [12.39$]
    ParkourBuilder by [5.21$]
    LiquidTanks by Arcaniax [4.99$]
    OptimalTransfer by Godplay [6.76$]
    Paintball by Synapz [9.99$]
    BannerBoard by Sander2798 [12$]
    React by Cyberpwn [3.99$]
    Awesome Tutorial Maker by Ender_Coder [1.99$]
    UltimateSkyWars by ItsTheGuv [12.40$]
    AdvancedAbilities by AnyBody [6.39$]
    MultiSkyWars by gaelitoelquesito [14.99$]
    HyEmotes by Juzz0r [8.33$]
    YouTuberGUI by locknlol [4.99$]
    HoloGUI by Kloudy [5$]
    FireworkCreator by IAmGio [2.07$]
    PlayerEmotesPro by Inamine [3$]
    MiniaturePets by EnderPigs [12$]
    Zombie-Invasion by abood-bah [5$]
    Super Duels Reloaded [5$]
    RankMissions by Gianluca [9.99$]
    EpicNetherGenerator by minelazz [14.99$]
    Heirteir's AntiCheat by Heirtier [5.00$]
    SkyWarsX by Wazup92 [12.99$]
    Network Manager by Dunios [13.53$]
    oGuns by sadless [1.24$]
    GrinchSimulator by Fr33styler [3.12$]
    ServerExposives by Oberdiah [10$]
    Inactive by InactiveResources [10$]
    Pl3xIcons by BilltGallbreath [10$]
    MoneyMobs by VemonEater552 [2.99$]
    NPC Config by MarkElf [6.20$]

    There are about 1,140$ worth of plugins

    I am a premium resource developer so i think that as long as it stays on RageCraft then other developers wont mind. If you are a developer of a plugin and you do have a problem with this then please contact me. Look under the section for "contact".

    Since 2015 ragecraft has hosted RageCon which takes place at Disneyland. In 2015 4 people showed up to RageCon with the furthest from Louisiana. In 2016 we had 7 people show up (it was the day after minecon). You definitely dont need to contact this but it is something that the community looks forward to.

    RageCraft has incredibly professional graphics;

    Animated Banner [30$]
    Created by Alexslab


    Main Logo [250$]
    Created by Affluecent Design

    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; the tree alone and the words

    Arcade Logo [30$]
    Created by Iconos


    Zombie Logo [45$]
    Created by Iconos set

    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; Wavy IP Zombie, IP Zombie, Wazy RageCraft Zombie, Zombie Head, Lever Standalone,
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tree Logo [30$]
    Created by Iconos
    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; Different colored trees, different opacity trees, trees with no IP, trees with coming soon.


    Static Banner [15$]
    created by Alexslab

    Server Icons [20$]
    Unknown Authors

    There are bonus graphics in the RageCraft album including extra server icons and early ragecraft logos, and rank images! CLICK HERE!

    There are over 500$ worth of graphics
    TreeSW- This is probably the best map i have ever seen. This map is very very nice, i would say it is more than Hypixel quality. This map is beyond amazing and worth about 75$!

    Hub2.0- This is a custom built hub that is very nice! It has 8 portals that are just for RageCraft. It was built by 3 builders for 90$!

    WindmillSW- This is a pretty nice SkyWars built by the RCBuildTeam. This map is nice because the islands are close together which makes the game more intense and fun for the players. This map was built for 20$!

    EnderSkiesSW- This map is also built by the RageCraft BuildTeam! This map i personally like playing a lot because i think it makes the game super fun! This map will make a great addition to any server! This map was purchased for 25$!

    TowerSW- This map, which was built by the RageCraft BuildTeam, has a unique design which makes it so that players love it! The actual map is a tiny bit more basic but that is fine because the players still cant get enough! This map was purchased for 25$!

    There will be more maps coming soon!

    Custom Plugins
    This will be coming soon!

    See "Conclusions"

    To place a bid leave a message on the thread stating you are bidding. I will quote you saying I have received your bid

    Starting Bid: $0
    Buy It Now: $2,400
    Bid Increase: $10
    Bid closes: Janurary 16, 2017

    Current Bid: $60

    I am not too hard to contact. Feel free to contact me in any of these ways;

    Thread: Leave a comment, i will turn on email notifications
    MCM Private Message: MrCleverTrevor
    Spigot Private Message: MrCleverTrevor
    Skype: MrCleverTrevor2
    Email: trevor@trevormillett.com

    Conclusion (F.A.Q)
    Why don't you have a good reputation on this site?
    I don't use this site that much but i have an incredible reputation on Spigot. I am not really willing to change price or anything because of that. I am open to a middleman if approved.

    How will the actual deal go down?

    Once i get the money in my paypal account we will hop onto a Skype call and i will screenshare and we will go through my files. If there is a file that you want that has to do with RageCraft i will pop it into a folder zip it up and send it to you!

    What are "extras"?
    There are a ton of extra files like millions of configs, server backups, misc graphics, websites, and other stuff!

    Will you help with RageCraft?
    I have specified on the page a couple things i will setup (websites). Other than that i can help with backups and questions i am very active on Skype. I am completely willing to help with anything that needed. I am hoping to be done with this project within 2 months. I will always be willing to answer questions on Skype.

    Will there be things added to the page?
    There will be more information added to the page along with stuff like more maps, custom plugins, and better info!

    Can i be notified of updates?
    I will make a section for updates and if you request it i can tag you when i update something.

    What should I post on this thread?
    Some of the things that you should post is if you want to bid post how much you are bidding, if you have something you about RageCraft you would like to say, if you have something about MrCleverTrevor you would like to say, If you have something about the post you have to say. Please don't post here unless you fit into these because this thread took about 2 weeks (mostly because of holidays and internet). I have asked all my skype contacts to post what they think of me and RageCraft if they want to as a Vouch.

    Thank you for your time, consideration, and understanding. This is hard for me to get rid of :/
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2017
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  2. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    I will post updates to this thread.

    • Updated text color to "none"
    • Changed images from imgur to postimage. Thanks Echo
    • Changed the bid closing date because the plan was to release the thread about a week ago
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
  3. Tuatara

    Tuatara Previously, Echo. Banned Premium

    Minecraft accounts: Tuatara
    Hey man, looks nice!

    Can you change the text colour from "Black" to "normal" because i cant read it with the dark theme on!

    Also, Mc-Market has blocked IMgur so we cant see your images, use postimage.org or something like that :)
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  4. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    Thanks for the feedback, i will fix that now.
  5. MTG

    MTG Graphic Designer Premium

    Oh My, That's some nice network you got their.
    You said it was hacked by OurMine when was that? and what playerbase you had before it being hacked?
  6. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    it was about a week before Thanksgiving. We were not open when we got hacked. We had probably 120 active players with about 20ish online at a time when we were open.
  7. MTG

    MTG Graphic Designer Premium

    Why didn't you have a backup?
  8. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    We do have backups of some things, it was at a time when i was switching web servers to make room for a project called RageCloud. So i had deleted everything and was about to make new backups. Really good timing on their part.
  9. MTG

    MTG Graphic Designer Premium

    Oh Well, Rip.
    Anyway good luck with selling.
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  10. Chazmondo

    Chazmondo New Member

    Massive vouch for Trevor! Very trustworthy and have have used his premium plugins before along with other private plugins a while ago with no hassle.
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  11. Inkzzz

    Inkzzz Active Member

    The websites aren't online?
    Can I see a live demo?
  12. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    We don't have a demo sorry. The majority of the websites have to be setup. I am going to try to setup the xenforo site.
  13. InsertNameHere

    InsertNameHere Grim Hosting Premium

    Minecraft accounts: Gaming_With_Flux
    Sooo how much is this going for?
  14. Inkzzz

    Inkzzz Active Member

    The demo was in regards to the server.
  15. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    250$ at the moment.

    No there is not a demo of that either :/
  16. InsertNameHere

    InsertNameHere Grim Hosting Premium

    Minecraft accounts: Gaming_With_Flux
    Server IP?
  17. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    the server is down, but the IP is play.ragecraft.net; i would suggest reading the entire thread.
  18. InsertNameHere

    InsertNameHere Grim Hosting Premium

    Minecraft accounts: Gaming_With_Flux
    yea I kind of did, and I think its impressive how much you wrote, but I'm me... so sorry :(

    that means I like the look of long threads and I think to my self "YEA! go me! you can read all this!" but then I see YouTube in another tab sooo yea :/

  19. MrCleverTrevor

    MrCleverTrevor Member

    haha all good, this thread took more than you could ever believe :)
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  20. Inkzzz

    Inkzzz Active Member

    Before submitting a large bid I would like to see a demo of some sorts.
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