Chat rules
The following rules apply to the chat and are expected to be followed when utilizing the chat.

2.1 Do not attempt to promote any servers or external websites in chat unless via an MC-Market thread link.
2.1.1 Do not advertise any external websites which are not portfolio/team sites for services currently offered on MC-Market.
2.1.2 Do not link to content on external servers or websites where registration is required in order to view the content.​
2.2 Do not attempt to contact staff members for non-chat related staff responsibilities via the chat. Use support tickets/reports.
2.3 Do not flame/flood the chat with personal arguments.
2.4 Do not use more than one message for advertisement purposes within a span of twenty minutes or advertise content which has been advertised within the last twenty minutes.
2.5 Do not advertise products and services which do not have a thread created explicitly for them on MC-Market.
2.6 Do not advertise products and services which you yourself do not own or have the right to redistribute.
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