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  • pace
    omegalul i had 100k pts on my main ( perma'd ) rip and now i have in total around 170k pts on my other main shaco xd

    As Kuchy has not yet approved the messages I sent in the scam report. You will be paid between 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST. Please put your paypal email in my dms so that I can pay you as soon as I log onto discord.

    Thanks! ;p
    +rep Extremely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting, even came on our server to walk us through setting up the plugin properly and coded within minutes to make changes to the plugin.
    +rep makes great plugins and offers fast support the exceeds what can be expected. Would work with again if needed and would recommend resources from them as a reputable source! <3
    Discord Tag: DarkKnights22#1607 Discord ID: 215467789778026507 This is my one and only Discord, anybody else is an impersonator!
    DarkKnights22 finished my custom plugin very quickly and it is EXACTLY what I wanted, giving another huge vouch for this developer!
    Vouching for this user. VERY easy to work with, professional, and I have purchased a Custom plugin from him, he is now working on getting it done!
    Vouch, I haven't bought any of his products but they look CLEAN and Amazing! I highly recommend this person if your looking for any of these types of products.
    Very satisfied with quality and speed of services provided, was able to meet deadlines and all expectations/guidelines. Approached the job in a professional tone and asked whatever questions necessary to ensure no mistakes or miscommunication was made. I will definitely return to him should I have more work for him!
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