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  • Hello !
    So, I spamed my Discord server, only once, on a lot of Threads .
    And after that I stopped, and I wanted to up a Thread, but I couldn't and this message popped up, I also wanted to mention, that the same message showed up .
    RataIonut You need at least 3 posts that go toward your 'Message' count
    "They can't predict our plan if we don't have one" - Gerenal Sir Monkey the First
    Hi, can u help me with mc-market, im new. If I post a title I cant post price too, can u help me
    I also want to say it likely wasn't a price that is restricted but a link. Or certain words like 'free' 'method', etc
    On the Advertising page it says: "Our Audience
    As the #1 Minecraft Trades and Sales Forum, we are the largest marketplace for Minecraft goods and services. With a community of over 170,000 members, MC-Market is the best place to advertise directly to entrepreneurs, developers, artists, and more."

    I'd probably change that if I were you.
    “#1 Minecraft Trades & Sales Forum” has been removed. We have also removed all mention of the Minecraft game from our footer, our Twitter bio, and other areas of our site where the mention of the Minecraft game may have contributed to confusion regarding our relationship to Mojang or Minecraft.
    1) I want to ask if it is possible to promote the configuration, some plugin (for example SHOPGUIPLUS) Or somehow more visible compared to other configurations?
    2) How long does approval take when I upload a file (configuration from a plugin or plugin) to MCMarket?
    3) And could someone on your team shoot a video explaining how to properly upload files / plugins / configurations to MCMarket?
    Thank you
    Hi Mike! I couldn't write you in a private message so I'm writing here,
    But I have to divide it into 2 messages, maybe it doesn't matter.

    I have 3 questions, so can you please answer me?
    Thank you very much, happy new year! and I'll be glad if you take a moment to answer that
    I apologize for my English, I'm not very good at this language :(
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