Feb 17, 2017
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Ninja, Male, from Earth

Thanks for all the positive feedback I received after my demotion | Currently working on a new project, stay tuned! Aug 11, 2019


Ninja, Male, from Earth

Ultimate Supreme Premium

Thanks for all the positive feedback I received after my demotion | Currently working on a new project, stay tuned! Aug 11, 2019

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    (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) | 01:47 AM
    I am utaninja, a person.




    [​IMG] utaninja#5416

    Add me on steam!

    (this is where I play games)

    (moderator here)
    Staff on these discords-

    https://discord.gg/A3eYeTh (15,000) Discord Partner
    https://discord.gg/qmakxBP Inactive Discord - Company is moving from discord
    https://discord.gg/kykAVQJ (5k+ YouTuber) Creator/Mod of the Discord

    These vouch's are not accurate to my current vouch's. If you want to decide if you can trust me or not, shoot me a PM. Don't hesitate, I don't mind, I won't take offense. This is for my memory of the days nobody knew me and everything was simpler.

    @Mistazel “Hardworking individual always on the GRIND. Never seen this guy not working for something or someone. He's always busy somehow. Seen him in multiple resource chats and all over MCM. A jack of all trades is just the strawberry on top. Hard worker :)

    @brianna/@songoda “I work with him, very professional.”

    @FatTaco “Vouch, smooth transaction.”

    @satan “Great user, working with me on a server we're making together :)

    @Remibarna “Vouch, Very nice, Very honest and very nice to talk with :)

    @Gavin “Vouch, everything went well, and fast. “

    @MTG “Vouch - Made me a very nice discord setup.”

    @Aedan “Vouch! Smooth transaction, very helpful!”

    @User “Vouch! gave me some semi og names, great user!”

    @911_Minecraft “He works for me as management. Very hard working. Vouch.”

    @Kim “Vouch! Extremely awesome staff manager.”

    @Daf4LifeYT “Vouch!!! Great person to deal with and transaction went smooth.”

    @FuriousFruit “Vouch very chill guy, professional, recommend dealing with this ninja :)

    @DaddyImPregnant “Very nice person to deal with, partnered with him!

    @Jdsgames “I have worked on several projects with the user as well as bartered with him on several occasions.”

    @PixelWiz/Arcanix “Vouch! Utaninja is a very kind, reliable, and overall a really simple person to work with.”

    @Peh “Great Guy very kind “

    @LGMonitor “Vouch! Don't hesitate to deal w/ this user”

    @Layton “Vouch!”

    @BOOP “Wondering why I haven't vouched. Vouch! Amazing dude! “

    @FireZilla “This man is the best he is a mod on my server and made our logo. Would definitely work with him in the future.” / Etymology “This man is a good staff manager wouldn't hesitate to hire him.”

    @CashBox “Vouch! Boss of me :3”

    Dave “Vouch! Used to be my employee Kappa

    Durkflockguy “Vouch! User was professional, and fast to help.”

    Embower “He was very kind and pleasant to work with!”

    Asodeygg “User is very chill and friendly!” “

    Parsa “Super nice guy! “

    Nanaba “Vouch! He is a cool young man!”

    Trackgg “Vouch! Really chill guy!”

    Aware “Vouch, nice guy to talk to!” “

    iZenith_xPr “Vouch! He's cool dude and is very kind”

    Extensy “Very chill and nice. Fun to talk to and very easy-going. Seems like a very decent human being”

    Kwaygen “Very professional, gave us double our price when not needed”

    Badvibes “cool dude. had a misunderstanding but sorted it out fast :)” “

    @Maxy “Vouch! Very kind and nice person in the community.”

    @Rubyy “+rep <3

    Eleven “Known for a while now, very nice guy!”

    Mr_RiceNoodles “Vouch! Great to work with! :D

    @RobinTheKayOh “It's funny we have been in the same hypixel guild for many months and I never knew you had a MCM account haha”

    Maxaye “Helped me with my FPS”

    @Harrison “Made me a really nice and simple Discord Server!”

    @ZGamerMc_ “Good member, very nice. would give him all my paypal money.”

    @Technically “He set up a great Discord channel for my Minecraft server! Quick and quality!”

    @Serendipity “Vouch gave free discord setup” (FIRST VOUCH!)

    Turtl “Vouch! Made my discord look cool”

    Wyldr “Made me a discord server, vouch”

    Voxela “Very friendly and professional guy! Gave me a nice discord setup.”

    Kurteyvhcf “Vouch. Great guy overall and also is honest, pretty much an ideal seller / buyer. Even thought he could not buy my product he made sure to tell me beforehand.”

    UgliestPillow49 “Vouch!! Our trade went smoothhh and you went first :D Be sure to trust this guy :D

    Tea “Gave user an OG player.me, really kind, don't hesitate to deal with.”


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