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Mar 26, 1996 (Age: 23)
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CEO of Elagon., 23

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Existing for more then 2 years :) Dec 16, 2019

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    Mar 26, 1996 (Age: 23)
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    (UTC+01:00) Central European Time | 01:38 PM

    I'm the CEO of Elagon.



    Vouch! They made me a very nice skyblock spawn for my server and it is well done. The staff who helped make it were all nice and supportive and took on whatever ideas and tweaks I gave them and made no hassle to change the build even if it were big or small . They listen and know how to please their customers. There support and response is very quick and they are very polite and listen to what you have to say. Other than that I recommend them for large or big builds. There service is also very quick and is done to a very good detail. -Van

    vouch, great support! -iZenith

    Vouch! Obi helped with everything, great price for the spawn and amazing build and super fast also thanks man will be doing more business for sure - Awakening

    Vouch. Very speedy & talented build team. Requested my build yesterday and it's already finished with great detail & care. Doesn't look like it was used with WorldEdit (Idk if it was or not) like most other builders on here. These guys build very well & fast. I would recommend doing business. -Scuffi

    The Elagon Build team had built me a beautiful, detailed christmas tree for me. I am very impressed by their work and am considering purchasing from them in the future. Vouch for them, if you need something built - go ahead and contact them! - Jingle

    Loved working on your thread design. Huge vouch! Very friendly user. <3 -Kyhree

    Vouch > Great ass builds homie, very responsive aswell. -HeyImGarnet

    Vouch for this guy! Made me an awesome Bewares map in a really short time, i recommend him! -GolemGamingYT

    Vouch! They built an awesome waiting-lobby for our network.

    Vouch for Elegon really a dedicated team, one of the few out there! :) -Timid

    Vouch - These guys are phenomenal builders, watching them in action is insane!

    Vouch! - Exposinq

    Vouch! Great builds for amazing prices. Recommend them for any build project! - 911_Minecraft

    Had them build me a spawn, They set the deadline for 5 days, finished it in 4 days with various updates throughout the build. would not hesitate to do business with them. Great Quality - Already

    Vouch! Elagon helped with everything, great price for the spawn and super fast also will be doing more business for sure!

    They made a faction spawn for us within 5 days, quality is their first priority what a build we received vouch! - Mythus

    Vouch! Had them build some game maps for me, the quality you receive is outstanding! - Nitrus

    Vouch! - Amazing service, great community as well! - Kyron