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Skyblock Remastered ✪ An Unparalleled Skyblock Setup MAIN-4.0

Skyblock. Feature packed with everything you need and more. Configure it in a matter of seconds.

  1. Updated Vault.jar

    Updated Vault.jar and other plugins to update the dependencies needed for the previous update's custom plugins.
  2. Added Custom GUI Rankup Plugin (With Different Paths)

    Added a custom Rankup plugin that features different paths (GUI included) that you can take. You can set the configuration so that players can choose between different "routes". If a player decides to choose a different route, they must reset their entire path and start at the beginning of a different path.
  3. SkyblockReplacer Updated

    Fixed an issue within SkyblockReplacer.jar.
  4. Deleted Old MFHoppers

    Deleted MFHoppers.OLD file. Was used for debugging.
  5. Voting Fix

    Downgraded InteractiveBooks to fix voting.
  6. Replacer Update

    Now shows information about the replacer:
    Not a valid directory or if it ran successfully.
  7. Interactive Books

    Updated InteractiveBooks.jar
  8. Essentials Downgrade

    Downgraded Essentials to comply functionality with SellWands.
  9. Island Level Fix

    Line 307 of /plugins/ASkyblock/locale/en_us.yml

    islandLevelis: "{%skyblock.prefix%} &7Island level is [level]"
    (Or your prefix)
  10. EssentialsX

    Updated EssentialsX