Mystic Backpacks [1.6-1.13 Support] 2019-03-21

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A better alternative to player vaults!
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Mystic Backpacks is a highly customizable, better alternative for the generic player vault plugins. Players can enjoy physical, shareable and raidable backpacks that will increase their inventory size by any amount!
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    • Custom backpack sizes, from 1-54 slots!
    • Custom backpack names, utilizing color codes!
    • Custom backpack items, any kind of block or item can be used as a backpack!
    • Multiple players can edit backpacks at the same time! (Provided they share a copy.)
    • Admin GUI to view all backpacks!

    • Download the zip file.
    • Drag the required jar file into your plugins folder. (Two available jars, 1.13 and 1.8-1.12)
    • Reload/restart the server.
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Example backpacks:

Admin GUI:
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    • /backpack
    • Shows the default help page.
    • /backpack help <option>
    • Shows the default help page or help for a specific feature.
    • /backpack rename {name}
    • Renames the backpack you are holding. Use underscore for spaces.
    • Permission: backpacks.edit.rename (fun for players)
    • /backpack reslot {int}
    • Change the amount of slots of the backpack you are holding.
    • Permission: backpacks.edit.reslot
    • /backpack clone
    • Creates an extra copy of the backpack you are holding.
    • Permissions backpacks.edit.clone (suggested for players)
    • /backpack create <slots> <name> <item>
    • Creates a backpack for yourself with default or specified options.
    • Permission: backpacks.admin.create
    • /backpack give {player} <slots> <name> <item>
    • Creates a backpack for a player with default or specified options.
    • Permission: backpacks.admin.give
    • /backpack viewall <page>
    • View all the backpacks in existence on the server. Click the backpacks to receive a copy.
    • Permission: backpacks.admin.viewall
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restore-defaults: false #Will restore the default config values on reload if true.
config-version: 1 #Do not edit
prefix: '&3&l[&bMystical&7Backpacks&3&l]' #Prefix for in-game messages.
  item-id: 130 #Item ID to use when ID is not specified.
  item-data: 0 #Item durability/data to use when durability/data is not specified.
  name: '&5Mystical &8Backpack' #Backpack name to use when name is not specified
  slots: 27 #Backpack slots to use when slots are not specified.
slot-filler: #Item info for the inaccessible slots in backpacks.
  item-id: 160
  item-data: 15
  name: '&cNo Access'
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Reviews help other people decide if this is the plugin they want, so feel free to leave anything relevant in the reviews, including bugs. Be mindful that bugs will be fixed, so your review may not always accurately reflect the plugin. Removing reviews including bugs after the bug is fixed will be appreciated.

The best way to have an issue fixed is to contact me directly, so we can have an open discussion about the exact problem and how I can best help.

Support Discord server coming soon!

Please leave a like if you enjoyed the plugin!
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