zBungeeCord 1.7.x - 1.8.x BungeeCord fork! 1.3.4

Custom BungeeCord fork for better performance

  • Affordable
  • Fast setup!
  • Easy sub server setup! (Ingame command)
  • Easy bungee group system (Ingame command)
  • Runs x10 faster
  • Cleaned up a shit ton of messages
  • Looks cleaner
  • Editable messages




  • /servereditor - View the server editor functions!
  • /bungeegroup - View the bungee grouping system functions!
  • /ip - Find a player's IP address
  • /send - Send ALL / specified player to a server
  • /alert - Send a broadcast to the entire network!
  • /greload - Reload the proxy!
  • /end - Stop the proxy!


  • bungeecord.command.servereditor - Access to the /servereditor command!
  • bungeecord.command.bungeegroup - Access to the /bungeegroup command!
  • bungeecord.command.info - Access to the /info command!
  • bungeecord.command.alert - Send a broadcast to the entire network!
  • bungeecord.command.greload - Reload the proxy!
  • bungeecord.command.find - Find a player in your network!
  • bungeecord.command.send - Send a player to a specified server!
  • bungeecord.command.list - List all available servers!
  • bungeecord.command.ip - Find a player's IP address!
  • bungeecord.command.end - Stop the proxy!

  • You will not receive any refunds.
  • If you forgot your license key, contact me with the T.I.D of this purchase
  • You may not redistribute, resell, or share the plugin
  • You are not allowed to decompile or modify the core in any way
  • Leaking the plugin will result in your key being disabled

Latest updates

  1. v1.3.4

    Update license server old versions will not work anymore
  2. New license server

    New license server message me to get a new license key
  3. v1.3.2

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added /unban Added...

Latest reviews

Bungeecord is good but it lack of some features and the dev stopped responding on discord/the plugin need some fixes that were not fixed and wasn't updated
0 errors, and very fast when starting the bungee. The best custom bungeecord of the moment!
Great bungeecord jar! recommend buying!
The Best …. Everything he promising in his post is true
Best bungee on MC market adds in many needed built in features like /hub and has an over all clean interface and config. Would recommend :^)
The BEST! Bungee plugin there is, your amazing Scale!
Best Bungeecord jar there is!
really good fork, runs smoothly and nothing has went wrong after purchases. OP responds fast too
Thx <3
Very good bungee. It runs very smoothly and the special features are just so much help. Great support as well!
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