UltraExecutor Execute Commands With Delays! [1.8-1.13] 1.1

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♢Execute Commands With Delays!♢

UltraExecutor is a simple plugin which allows you to execute any commands via the console with a delay! You can define the commands + the delay for each command in the configs!

  • -Console Commands
  • -Delays
  • -Supports all 3rd party plugins
# You can use up to 3 commands that will be executed every x second you define.

Command-1: "say hi" # This tells the console what to execute. By default, the console will say `hi`. You can use any commands, from any 3rd party plugin.
Delay-1: 60 # This executes the specified command every x seconds. 60 is default, so the console will execute the command every minute.

Command-2: "kill @a"
Delay-2: 10

Command-3: "say DarkKnights22!"
Delay-3: 2

Command-4: "kick DarkKnights22"
Delay-4: 155

Command-5: "say PlatinumSeries on MCM!"
Delay-5: 5


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Latest updates

  1. Commands

    +Added more advanced config +Added command delays upon commands +Added commands

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