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Professional Enjin Website Theme

  1. v1.8 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.8 Massive Update

    - Website is now responsive, yes you heard it right, Enjin website is now responsive.
    - Added Style Changer (Accessible from the footer).
    - Style Changer Includes (This is per user customization):
    I: Ability to make website 'Fluid Layout'
    II: Ability to switch to Light Mode. (WIP)
    III: Ability to hide Discord / Color widgets.
    IV: Ability to change text colors.
    V: Ability to change theme colors.
    - Added 4 other theme color options (Asphalt, Dark Slate, Darkness and Dark Gray)
    - Added the ability to hide 'info' boxes next to the logo.
    - Added ability to easily change logo both on footer and header through JS.
    - Added canvas out navigation bar for smaller devices.
    - Added ability to easily change particle colors.
    - Removed light mode switch from the navigation bar (Moved to the style editor)
    - Much more!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed color issues for the site wall module.
    - Fixed color issues for the hit counter module.
    - Fixed multiple color issues for the borders / small icons.
    - Fixed current date color issue on the mini calendar module.
    - Fixed coloring issues on the popups.
    - Fixed footer responsiveness.
    - Fixed logo positioning issues on the header.
    - Added missing JS code from the 'Gamemodes' module.
    - Much much much more!
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