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Professional Enjin Website Theme

  1. v1.9 Bugfix

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.9 Bugfix

    - Added missing buttons for browsing through the forums (Breadcrumbs)
    - Fixed color issue for the forum post quotes.
    - Fixed forum display for phone / tablet users.
    - Fixed 'About Us' footer section having all lowercase text.
    - Fixed option for hiding light / dark mode switched through the Style Editor.
    - Added option to hide Style Editor.
    - More.
  2. v1.8 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.8 Massive Update

    - Website is now responsive, yes you heard it right, Enjin website is now responsive.
    - Added Style Changer (Accessible from the footer).
    - Style Changer Includes (This is per user customization):
    I: Ability to make website 'Fluid Layout'
    II: Ability to switch to Light Mode. (WIP)
    III: Ability to hide Discord / Color widgets.
    IV: Ability to change text colors.
    V: Ability to change theme colors.
    - Added 4 other theme color options (Asphalt, Dark Slate,...
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  3. v1.7 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.7 Update

    - Added Rules module.
    - Added FAQ module.
    - Added Gamemodes module.
    - Added 'Access Denied' Page design.
    - Modified colors on several modules including color switcher (Icon will be colored with the currently selected color).
    - Added hover effect for the color selection.
    - Fixed Discord widget positioning.
    - More.
    (Preview on the main page)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed view forum titles / tags display.
    - Fixed coloring on over 10 default modules.
    - Fixed 'Access Denied'...
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  4. v1.6 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.6 Massive Update

    - Added Light / Dark mode switch (Still alpha)
    - Added Custom Tray Bar.
    - Added ability to hide Discord / Color Switcher / Dark/Light mode Switch.
    - Modified code to make it easier to change server IP / Discord ID, as well as change default website color.
    - Redesigned message page.
    - Other multiple small changes.
    - Updated 'Other' Modules to fit dark / light mode design.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed store category displaying 'undefined' when there's no categories.
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  5. v1.5 Massive Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.5 Massive Update

    - Added fancy background color overlay animation for the header.
    - Added fancy notification for Click-To-Copy IP and Color Switch modules.
    - Reworked News Module and edited design of it from ground up.
    - Added custom user module and popup for control panel, Shows user options as well as admin options (Detects if user is admin)
    - Updated Latest News and Latest Thread module on the navigation bar, will now save latest information to the session storage and will...
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  6. v1.4 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.4 Update
    - Removed leftover code which was blocking dropdown links.
    - Updated footer design. (Preview on the main page, Includes link to the resource, shall not be removed)
    - Added Ranks / Features table as separate module (Preview on the main page)
    - Added missing possibility of changing link on discord widget.
    - Polished code of several modules.
    - Multiple small edits and bug fixes.
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  7. v1.3 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    v1.3 Update
    - Added portal page (Preview can be seen on the main page)
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  8. v1.2 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    Version v1.2
    - Heavily modified profile pages. (Preview on main page)
    - Fixed loop for latest thread check. (Bug)
    - Added color switcher for the page (Preview on main page)
    - Added 404 page.
    - Other small changes & Bug fixes.

    -- Extra
    Released Tebex (Buycraft) version of the theme which will also be actively developed. https://www.mc-market.org/resources/10324/
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  9. v1.1.1

    Jesse Pinkman
    Fixed major bug with dropdown links not working.
  10. v1.1 Update

    Jesse Pinkman
    - New design for the header part.
    - Added Navigation Bar dropdown.
    - Added custom vote module.
    - Added custom support module.
    - Added custom applications hub module.
    - Added custom store page design.
    - Added custom staff module.
    - Added new color (Red)

    You can check all of the above on previews on the main page of the resource.

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed message for those who were active X minutes ago on website (Would show "Active Now")
    - Changed colors of...