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Professional Tebex / Buycraft Platform Theme
Ultimate Tebex Theme - Pie

- You need Tebex Plus plan for this to work.
- Logo / Icons from the resource is not included, obviously.
- This resource does not include instructions in the downloaded file, please contact me through DMs or Discord below for more information.

Last update: 11/26/2021

I have created discord server for general support / Bug reporting / Suggestions, exclusive sneak peeks, etc. Generally, everyone can join if they have any questions or concerns and ask them there, however if you have purchased theme you will get a tag which will give you access to those exclusive channels listed above. Here's invite link:


- Custom Navigation Bar.
- Navigation scroll effect.
- Click To Copy IP bar (Header & Footer).
- Online Player Counter display (Header & Footer).
- Heavily Modified Theme.
- Custom Footer.
- Custom Scrollbar.
- Fire Particles Effect.
- Fancy header gradient animation.
- Ability to remove Main navigation bar and "Back to home website" button easily. (In case you do only use Tebex)
- Style Changer.
- Custom slideout bar.
- Much More!

Coming Very Soon
- Mobile menu for the external navbar.

Known Bugs

None so far, Feel free to report any bugs here or on my discord given below.​


Fancy IP clipboard notifications | Background Animation | More
Logged Out / Empty Cart

Logged In / Non-empty cart
Utilizes cookies js to save colors and load them again (So user doesn't have to switch them every time)
Updated v2

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Latest updates

  1. v2.3 Update

    v2.3 Changelog - Changed container width to make it consistent across store content &...
  2. v2.2 Update

    v2.2 Update Changelog: Updates - Added new text color choice "Lavender", can be chosen in the...
  3. v2.1 Hotfix

    v2.1 Hotfix Update Bug Fixes - Fixed 'Community Goal' panel header text going out of the...

Latest reviews

lack of support from creator
We purchased his xenforo forum theme and luckily ran into no issues.
This Tebex one however is a hot mess and the creator is not replying. Joining his discord is pointless because he will not "verify" you.
Zero communication.
This theme is missing major parts like a `LOGIN` button for example and the seller is extremely inactive while providing zero tech support.
Geat Theme just one error having problem with http 500 witch creator has yet to respond !
This is an amazing theme that is perfect for every store! The only bad thing is about the support. The Owner is almost never online and it takes ages to get a response. I would recommend this to anyone for high quality theme!
seems to be inactive
Love the theme! Very pretty and gets everything done. The only thing I am disappointed about is the support. I joined the discord a while ago and still haven't been verified by the owner. It seems like the creator is just AFK and that worries me, I would love to come back and change this review once I receive the support!
very good theme !!!!!
Perfect theme and Awesome support. Love it.
Great product, and great support!
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