EpicBosses Config - 10 Custom Bosses| Skills| Messages Standard Theme [ABANDONED] 1.10

The BEST Bosses Configuration!

This EpicBosses configuration is not like any other. Featuring unique features, names and equipment, yet still offering the compatibility for version 1.8 to 1.15.

  • -CaveSpiderBoss
  • -EndermanBoss
  • -SpiderBoss
  • -IronGolemBoss
  • -WitchBoss
  • -ZombieBoss
  • -SkeletonKing
  • -BlazeBoss
  • -GiantBoss
  • -CreeperBoss
  • -Custom Equipment
  • -Custom Spawn Items
  • -Custom Skill Arrangement
  • -Custom Message Arrangement
  • -Includes bosses.json, skills.json, messages.json and items.json




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Includes bosses.json, messages.json and skills.json.

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Do not leave a review asking for support. You may edit the configuration for personal use, but you may NOT resell, republish or redistribute in any form. You may not claim this as your own. All rights reserved for the respected owner, DarkKnights22.

Latest updates

  1. 1.10

    +Added 1.15 support
  2. 1.14 Support

    +Added 1.14 support :D
  3. Wolf Boss

    +Added Wolf Boss

Latest reviews

Config does not work whatsoever, even on a fresh server. Just sends massive errors to the console and breaks the plugin. Will be happy to remove this review if the owner provides support, but the "support discord" leads to some other developer's discord with no channel or option to get help. As of right now, don't waste your money -- The config does not work!
This resource is no longer maintained - it was tested on older versions and EpicBosses has changed since then. Other users have gotten it to work themselves.
I am using 1.14.4/config ver: 1.9, plugin ver 1.2.2. and all of the boss spawn eggs; just spawn bats :(. On top of that none of the bosses have ability's/skills. Finally: The death message that is broadcast-ed simply says {details} or something
hey can you update this?
Sure, just let me know what you want added, and I'll see what I can do
Great config, saves me the hassle of setting it all up myself. Great Dev as well would recommend his other resources. Would buy again.
Thanks for the review <3
love the bosses very nice and good. %100 would buy this again
Thanks for the review <3
Prepare for more bosses soon!
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