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AngelX AntiCheat (Best Cheap solution for your server) 1.0

an advanced and cheap minecraft anticheat

  1. yazon_pro
    Supported MC Versions:
    Req. Server Software:
    Spigot, PaperSpigot
    You might be wondering, what is AngelX, just another anticheat like other ones? its cheap meaning its not good?
    no you are wrong!
    AngelX is an Advanced AntiCheat, very effective at catching hackers, with the least amout of false positives! a stable AntiCheat for all kind of servers, Factions, KitPvP, Practice, HCF, you name it, it would work just fine for it! even if you get an issue just DM one of the developers, and i it will be fixed for the next update.

    AngelX been out for over 8 months, It had first release that went quite good, but the Dev was not happy about it, so he remade it, and release a Beta version for a month, and now it just got out from the Beta, after one month of testing, its finally ready to ban cheaters w/o any issues!

    If you are looking for a good cheap solution, Angel is the way to go!

    Angel offers 35 check, you can find the list below
    x6 AutoClicker
    x6 BadPackets
    x5 KillAura
    x10 Aim
    x3 Inventory
    x1 Gravity
    x2 GroundSpoof
    x2 Motion (XZ and Y)
    x1 Fly
    x1 Range (+3.1)
    x1 Scaffold
    x1 HitBox
    x1 Jesus
    x1 Sprint
    x1 Step
    x1 Velocity
    x1 timer (+1.03)

    AngelX is also fully configurable, find pastebin of the config files below!
    Config files could be updated directly, just edit them and click on the save button!

    Basic command that are needed for every anticheat!

    /AngelX Check <Player>
    /AngelX Alerts (Enable and disable alerts)
    /AngelX Gui (Opens the gui still in dev)

    All the checks are as stable as they could be, very small amount of false positives, and they get fixed once a customer reports them.
    The devs try adding all customers suggestions, as long as they feel its a good suggestion for the AntiCheat!

    This is very a very important thing, AngelX won't affect your server performance at all, you wont even notice it being there, you will have no TPS issues, no lag nothing, biggest server used AngelX had around 150 players, it was running perfectly without any lag issues!

    You dont trust my words, its fine just check the customers ratings!
    You have questions? ask the developer him self
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Recent Reviews

  1. ImEpiX
    Version: 1.0
    This anticheat is excellent! It detects 3.1 reach which is quite insane, I even tested it on a private server of mine and it picked up after 3 hits of 3.1 reach! However, it started slacking a bit when people who had more than 100 ping started cheating, it would only pick 3.3 or above but that's still quite insane for an anticheat that's 30$!
  2. I_Luv_Cowz
    Version: 1.0
    Great anticheat, great developers, a bit buggy though
  3. GreenLeafDK
    Version: 1.0
    I would say for kill aura and reach check its Really Good!
  4. ItzNg
    Version: 1.0
    Really good anti cheat with awsome devs!

    But its still a new anti cheat with small bugs here and there but the devs are quick to fix them!

    Best value anti cheat on McM
  5. LIWKI
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing Anticheat and Devs, best anticheat for this price on MCM.
  6. iHax0r
    Version: 1.0
    +1 Good anticheat, works fine!
  7. shaker1
    Version: 1.0
    best ac again lol
    love it
  8. vxcecode
    Version: 1.0
    Best Developers!
    p100 Support!
  9. Rawbert
    Version: 1.0
    +1 one of the best devs I know
  10. shaker1
    Version: 1.0
    best anticheat ever insane reach and autoclicker dection <3