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Pterodactyl Mod - GLua Syntax Highlighting 1.0.0

Easily edit GLua from the file editor!

  1. Tom.bat
    This is a modification for Pterodactyl Panel that adds Garry's Mod Lua syntax highlighting for the built in file editor.

    Accepting other methods of payment, DM me on Discord for further details, Tom.bat#0236.



    1. Download the contents of the repository.
    2. Copy the files into your Pterodactyl installation, you will be overriding 3 files, these are: editor.js, ext-modelist.js and ext-settings_menu.js.
    3. Edit any lua file on your server with the built in file editor to test it works!

    Any questions/suggestions/support requests should be sent to me via DM on Discord, Tom.bat#0001.
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