[$2.99 Launch Day Pricing!] [SkyBlock] [Tested 3000+ Member Economy] ShopGUI+ Balanced Economy Setup 1.2.1[STABLE]

For a balanced economy on Skyblock including Spawners!

Looking for a balanced economy on your Skyblock server? Well, after running multiple tests on a 3000+ member server, this is the economy setup you've been looking for.


This configuration is for ShopGUI+, so obviously you need this plugin, which can be purchased here.

We have added support for EpicSpawners. This is also a paid plugin. Support will not be given for out of date versions of this plugin, or cracked versions.

We have added support for SilkSpawners! This is a free plugin that you can use for your Spawner Shop! Download the correct version for your server and throw it in your plugins folder!

You will also need the PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) as well. This is important if you are going to use EpicSpawners/SilkSpawners, as the command to give the player a spawner relies on a PAPI placeholder. This is a free plugin.

Note: While ShopGUI+ supports PickUpSpawners, using this plugin is highly discouraged. This is due to the lack of updates for the plugin on their spigot page, and I'm assuming that this plugin has since been abandoned. If you're looking for a free Spawners plugin, I would highly recommend SilkSpawners.


Included in the .zip file are the following files. Please use the correct version that corrisponds to your Minecraft Server version.



Before installing the configuration, please make sure that you have all the dependancies installed on your server, and that you have started your server at least once before following the next steps.

With Spawners Plugin Installed

  1. Download the .zip file from MC-Market
  2. Navigate to the folder corresponding to your Minecraft Server Version
  3. Drag the `config.yml` and `shops-(Spawner-Plugin-Name).yml` files into your `/plugins/ShopGUIPlus/` folder
  4. Rename the `shops-(Spawner-Plugin-Name).yml` to just `shops.yml`
  5. Start your server
  6. Run the PlaceholderAPI command to install the Player placeholders `/papi ecloud download player`
  7. Reload PlaceholderAPI `/papi reload`
  8. Reload ShopGUIPlus `/shop reload`
  9. Enjoy your new shop!
Without Spawners Plugin Installed
  1. Download the .zip file from MC-Market
  2. Navigate to the folder corresponding to your Minecraft Server Version
  3. Drag the config-no-spawners.yml and shops-no-spawners.yml files into your /plugins/ShopGUIPlus/ folder
  4. Rename the config-no-spawners.yml file to config.yml
  5. Rename the shops-no-spawners.yml file to shops.yml
  6. Start your server
  7. Enjoy your new shop!



Latest updates

  1. Updated README

    Updated the README.md file to reflect the new version changes, and updates.
  2. Added Pre-1.13 Support

    We have added support for versions 1.8.x-1.12.x! If you have any issues whatsoever, please feel...
  3. Added SilkSpawners Support

    We have added SilkSpawners support!

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says tested but there are alot of bad mess ups like i can buy cocoa beans and then sel them for 2x the money
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