4 In 1 Permissions and Rank Configurations 1.1

Pex + Essentials + EZRanksPro + Deluxechat Configs!
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Hello everyone!

Lately i have noticed people trying to charge a lot of money for only 1 configuration! So i have decided to make 4 for 1 low price!

Inside this resource is Configuration files for PermissionsEx, DeluxeChat, EZRanksPRO and Essentials. These can be dropped straight into your current folders to replace them!

DeluxeChat and EZRanksPro are both premium plugins! All I am providing is the config files for them, It is your responsibility to buy these plugins.

In each Folder I have written a txt file for you to read explaining what i have done in the config.

This resource can both be used with just the free essentials and pex files and it contains ranks A to Z+Free, 6 Donator ranks and 5 Staff ranks Plus Owner and Developer ranks. All ranks can be taken out,renamed, colors changed and has enough room in it to add more normal ranks, donor and staff ranks as well. The Pex file has rank and weights already preset so your players can still be staff or donor ranks while still ranking up from A to Z. EZRanksLite And Pro are the same, all you have to do is change the folder name. This is shown on the spigot page

If you purchase Deluxechat you will have a lot more control and freedom to use multiple prefixes and suffixes so you can have your rank, staff rank and donor rank all showing, Plus the placeholders and tooltips when you hover over the chat with your mouse I highly recommend you buying this for your server

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me via PM. I am not an expert at this however It all does work on my server and i have tested it multiple times on my test server as well to make sure that I shouldn't have to update this. I will release future updates if they are ever needed.

Latest updates

  1. price drop to $2.50!

    Permanent 50% price drop to only $2.50!

Latest reviews

These configurations are good for beginners, but other than that they are very simple and easily done.
Thank you for the review :D beginners is who I was aiming at, just to help them out a bit, if there is anything you didn't like or think I could add please let me know in a PM :)



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