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BeaconPlus 2 - Upgradable Beacons for your server! [15% OFF] 2.0.53

Upgradable Beacon with Awesome boosters - Furnace Booster - Crops Booster - Spawner Booster - etc.

  1. Crash Fix Stage.2

    • Fixed SyncWorker working on synchronous thread.
  2. Crash Fix

    • Fixed crash caused by syncworker ran on main thread.
  3. Sync Worker v2

    • Everything are now processed asynchronously
    • Bukkit handler such as getting (v1.14.x >) and setting (all version) are handled by SyncWorker
  4. Sync Worker

    • Fixed spam error on console for 1.14 servers
    • [BETA] SyncWorker, use older version if this freeze your server a lot.
  5. Performance Improvement Stage.2

    • Improved Furnace and Spawner task performance (v2)
    • Added new method interface: block(BlockState) on BeaconEffect class
    • Block task has been separated from main effect task
  6. Debug improvement

    • All task has been renamed
      This is helpful when reporting lag issue.
    • Switched from TimedRegisteredListener to RegisteredListener
    • Removed unused classes
  7. Asynchronous Mode

    • Added Async Mode: "Custom Thread Executor"
  8. 2.0.41 Update

    • Added option to use hard coded listener
    • Added command "/bp check" to check available listener
    • Improved used-customized listener
  9. Back to MC-Market

  10. Occluding Block Fix

    • Fixed issue with occluding blocks, all effects are now working fine. If theres blocks above beacon, it will be automatically deactivated. You can turn this feature off on "must-through-sky" option on config