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BeaconPlus 2 - Upgradable Beacons for your server! [15% OFF] 2.0.41

Upgradable Beacon with Awesome boosters - Furnace Booster - Crops Booster - Spawner Booster - etc.

  1. 2.0.41 Update

    • Added option to use hard coded listener
    • Added command "/bp check" to check available listener
    • Improved used-customized listener
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  3. Occluding Block Fix

    • Fixed issue with occluding blocks, all effects are now working fine. If theres blocks above beacon, it will be automatically deactivated. You can turn this feature off on "must-through-sky" option on config
  4. Beacon Power Update

    • Added Redstone Beacon Power Calculator to calculate beacon power based on redstone power.
  5. Minor Improvement

    • Changed author name.
    • Disabled beacon player interaction when sneaking.
  6. Bug Fixes

    • Furnace checks are now synchronized in 1.14
    • Fixed block breaking for 1.14
    • Improved Closed Beacon detection
  7. Bug Fixes 1.14

    • Bug Fixed for issue with beacon block breaking
    • Config improvement (1.10cfg)
  8. Bug Fixes 1.14.1

    • Fixed players can't break blocks
  9. Bug Fixes 1.14.1 (part 2)

    • Fixed almost everything, with note for TimeEffect, you may need to change the time due to different time mechanics in 1.14.1
    • In 1.14.1 block checks are now synchronized. For lower version, block checks are async.
  10. Bug Fixes

    • Bug fixed with beacon not showed up in 1.14
    • Added option to hide effect from permissionless player.