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Advanced Auth Setup.



★ NOTE: The lobby has a water portal, you must configure the "BungeePortals" so that the setup works correctly, if you need help contact me

Antibot System: The server has an anti-bot system that could stop attacks, I plan to improve this in the next updates but for the moment it is active with the "AntiBotUltra" plugin (it is the best free alternative that I have found, I'll keep looking)

Options menu: the server contains a menu with the following options:
* Change password: You will enter a custom mode made with a .sk where you will be asked for some information, all these will not be sent to the public chat and the user's security is safe, once you complete the mode you will be notified and you can start session with the new password.

* Go to the lobby: This is a very basic menu item, it simply makes the player execute the "/lobby" command, if you have a Bungeecord connection connected to this command, this item will take the users to the Lobby. If you do not have it configured you can remove this item using the "README" that leaves you

* Scoreboard: With this item you can toggle the Scoreboard, to have it activated or deactivated, this option is saved in spite of the user disconnecting, that is to say that if you leave it deactivated and you disconnect, when you connect it will remain the same.

* Premium mode: This option will enable the premium mode, to prevent the possible loss of the user's account (if you use this option without being premium) you must click this item 2 times before activating the option, all this will be indicated in more detailed with a message in the chat that only the user that clicked this will see

Over time I could try to add more options, it occurred to me to activate the flight mode for vip's but I did not see it necessary, since users should not spend much time on the server Auth

Premium mode: This will serve so that premium users do not have to log in to the server, if a non-premium user executes this it is possible that they lose their account, before activating this mode a warning message will be sent via chat to the user , also if this is activated from the menu there is a warning.

Permissions system: The setup contains a basic permission system, which only contains 2 groups ("admin", "user") the admin must give it to trusted people, the user has the basic permissions for everything to work correctly, do not add more groups because I did not see it necessary, in case you need a group specifically after purchasing the setup open MD and I will add it

Title of entry: The server contains a title with an animation, if it is the first time the user joins the subtitle will say "Please register" and if you already joined, say "Please login"

Professional Tab: The server contains a tab with an animation, which indicates commands to register and commands to login, you can see the animation and the tab in more detail in the Spoiler

Professional scoreboard: The server has an animated scoreboard, in which commands are indicated to register and log in, it also has the server ip (all this can be modified by following my README written in Spanish and English that is in the folder that will receive when buying it), you can see this in more detail in the Spoiler

Anti-Void system: If a user falls into the void, this will be automatically spawn and a sound will be reproduced, in case of changing the spawn you should also change the void spawn using the commands of this plugin, in case you need help. you can contact me and I help you

Optimization: I have worked and I continue working in which the server is as optimal as possible and consumes as little RAM as possible, I will try to continue improving this, for the moment in my tests (localhost with 1gb) I did not have any performance or crash problem lack of RAM, in case your hosting has them open MD and I will try to work on it

System to change the password: Using a Skript file created by me, I have managed to make an interactive system to change the password, using Authme commands for this, you can activate this system with the command "/cpass" or from the options menu, This mode has 1 minute cooldown

Authme: The most important messages or those that are most often seen use a system of multiple lines, those that are not as relevant or less used a modified format but a single line, you can understand more about this guiding with the section of "Screenshots", besides the README of the setup contains the steps to modify these in an easy way
* Successfully login:

* Register message:

* Login message:

* Successfully password changed:

Systems: The server contains only 2 systems, I did not need to create more since it is an Auth server, it has a system to change the gamemode and another to change the time, in the time you can decide whether to block the time in day or night (that is, if you block it at night it will never be done during the day, and the same thing if it blocks it during the day). You can find com mands on how to use it in the README

Easy to use:
The server is ready to work with just open it, you should simply configure the "BungeePortals" so that it works at 100%, does not require any premium plugin to function. I have not configured the "BungeePortals" because the server where the portal is redirected depends on how you have it in your "Bungeecord", if I write "Lobby" and in your bungeecord it works as "Lobby33" the portal will not work correctly, if you need help to set it up you can contact me and I help

Spawn: Because my Builder has been inactive for their studies, I had to resort to a construction for public use by contacting the Builder and asking for his permission, fortunately he gave it to me

Motd: This server contains a motd, you can edit this at server.properties



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