This plugin is no longer maintained
This plugin is no longer maintained
If you've already bought the plugin, you may still get support from me, please join my Discord server in order to DM me there
This plugin is no longer maintained

The ultimate outpost plugin for Factions, SkyBlock and Towny.

What are outposts? A area which a team (island/faction/etc.) keeps controlled to get extremely customizable rewards.

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Compatible plugins (one required)
- ASkyBlock
- BentoBox
- FabledSkyBlock
- Factions
- FactionsUUID (or fork eg. SavageFactions, SaberFactions)
- FactionsX
- Guilds
- Lands (Experimental, please provide feedback on this)
- LegacyFactions
- mcMMO (or Classic) Parties
- Parties
- SavageSkyblock
- SkyBlockX
- SuperiorSkyblock2
- Towny
... forks of the above plugins are also supported (for the most part)
... or a plugin that hooks through the API
... looking for a plugin that's not listed? Request it on Discord!

Idle - No capturing team
Capturing - % is going up, capping team has the majority players on the outpost
Contested - % isn't going up or down, no team has majority players on the outpost
Challenged - % is going down, a non-capturing team has the majority players on the outpost
Captured - The capturing group has captured the outpost, no groups are on it.
Fortified - The capturing team has captured the outpost and has the majority players on it.
Protected - Outposts cannot be captured/attacked while protected, can be activated by using /outposts protect <outpost name> <cycles>
Securing - The capturing team is raising the % on the already captured outpost
Blocked - % isn't going up or down, no team has majority players on the outpost but the outpost is captured by a team
Attacked - % is going down, a non-capturing team has the majority players on the outpost

- Make as many outposts as you'd like, there's no limit

Area Types
(Allow/Deny items, weapons, abilities on Outposts)
- Teamless players (can or cannot enter)
- Flight (can or cannot fly near outposts)
- Friendly Fire (allow/deny friendly fire near outposts)
- Axes
- Swords
- Bows
- Golden Apples
- Super Golden Apples
- Invisibility
- Potions
- McMMO (abilities)

- Integrated (Bukkit, + flickerless and all zeros options)
- FeatherBoard (PlaceholdersPlus + MVdW module required for placeholders)
- CombatLogX & FeatherBoard (display scoreboards for Outpost & Combat log at the same time)

Action system (Broadcasts, rewards, messages, etc.)
You basically need actions to do anything with the plugin.
They can do anything from broadcasts to giving items to all online players every 10 minutes and giving money to the leader of the team once the Outpost is captured.

Want to give ShopGUI+ multipliers? See the FAQ page.
Want to give XP or SuperMobCoins multipliers? Use PERMISSION actions and PermissionMultipliers

  • While: run every x cycles
  • Once: runs once the outpost's status changes
  • Delays: runs after a specified amount of cycles after the outpost's status changes
Action types
  • Command: run commands
  • Permission: grant or block permissions
  • Potion: give potion effects
  • Broadcast: send broadcast messages to players on the server
  • Whisper: send messages to specific players (team members, members or players on or near a outpost)
  • Economy: give players (with Vault) or team banks (SavageSkyblock, SuperiorSkyblock2, Lands or Guilds) money
  • All online players of the capping team
  • All players of the capping team (including offline players)
  • Just the team leader
  • Run once for the capping team
  • Run for all players near the outpost
  • Run for all players on the outpost
  • Run for team members near the outpost
  • Run for team members on the outpost
  • Runs for one member of the capturing team

Setup (all commands are tab completable!)
0. If you have WorldEdit select the region for your outpost
1. Create the outpost, /outpostspro manage create <name> <type>
Steps 2 and 3 aren't required if you followed step 0
2. Set the first corner, /outpostspro manage setcorner <name>
3. Set the second corner, /outpostspro manage setcorner <name>
- Set the teleport position (for teamless player blocking, and the teleport command (outposts.teleport.<name>): /outpostspro manage settppos <name>
- Add actions, /outpostspro manage addactions <name> <actions...>

Aliases by default: /outpost /outposts /outpostspro

- Simple message of the plugin & it's version/ Opens the GUI (depending on config)
/outposts list
- List of all outposts on the server
/outposts debug
- Generates & Uploads a debug report
/outposts gui
- Opens the Outposts GUI
/outposts manage
<create/delete/setcorner/addactions/removeactions/settpposition/setrange/settype/setdisplayname/setoutpostregion> <args...>
- All manor of editing & creating outposts
/outposts protect <outpost name> <protect cycles>
- Makes the outpost immune to capturing/attacking etc. for the specified amount of "cycles" (PROTECTED status)
/outposts reload
- Reloads the config
/outposts reset <outpost name>
- Sets the outpost to IDLE, progress to 0 and removes the capping team
/outposts teleport <outpost name>
- Teleports to a outpost's teleport position


Command Permissions

Wiki page (including dependency information)

Broadcast messages (OutpostsPro = team name), messages entirely customizable. (Through actions)

Integrated scoreboard (FeatherBoard is also supported), completely customizable

Configuration File

Latest updates

  1. v2.2.13

    - Fixed HEALTH_BOOST potion actions not applying in a smart way - Fixed status translations not...
  2. v2.2.12

    - Fixed a few errors
  3. v2.2.11

    - Fixed CombatLogX (10.0.0 + compatability)

Latest reviews

Haven't got the plugin working correctly at all. Owner was not helpful, his exact words were "god damn if I ever had a magic orb that had all the answers, I'd use it" The scoreboard does not work, once i get it working it dissaperes and the messages from console go away. Everything was setup as showed, even used the old config. And followed the 1 "direction" the owner gave me of a command, which didn't work to resolve my issue.
The first sentence about sums it up, the user wasn't able to get the plugin working on their server. The user did not provide any debugging information, the one config they did send worked fine, but apparently didn't for them. They also claim that the scoreboard doesn't work, despite being the only person having such issues with it. Rather than trying to solve the issue the user was busy threatening me with a chargeback, 1 star review and scam report.
Good Plugin. Good dev. Good support!
Best plugin.
Best support.
Best Author.
100% worth
Great plugin, worth the money.
The author is very active and responds to messages and fixes bugs super quick!!!

Recommended +1.
Nice plugin, just not working with FactionsUUID. But i think if this fixed this a good plugin.
Just tried both FactionsUUID & SavageFactions, both worked just fine. Cannot reproduce, please join my Discord & I can try help with fixing the problem
Very good plugin, worth money. The author is very reactive to messages and fix bugs very fast.




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