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Create items/blocks/food/hats/ores with custom texture/3D model - WITHOUT ANY MODS! No Forge

  1. LoneDev
    Supported MC Versions:
    Req. Server Software:
    Spigot (Paper is better)

    ✅ Buying this plugin you'll get 6 months of free updates for ItemsAdder!
    After 6 months you'll have to renew your license or you won't be able to download updates. If you don't care about updates don't worry! Plugin won't stop working after license end :D

    ✅ OVER 420 already included custom items!
    ✅ 10 Halloween items for your server events!
    ✅ No need to install external plugins/API
    ✅ Custom sounds (.ogg files)
    ✅ OVER 544 Custom EMOJIS! :eek::love: (see below for screenshots) without replacing japanese, chinese or other characters! Other plugins replace some characters but not ItemsAdder! ;)
    Emojis are available in chat, sign, book, holograms, mob name, anvil...
    ✅ Realistic lag-free vehicles! (cars, planes..)

    ✅ A lot of behaviours for your custom items
    Durability bar perfectly working like in normal Minecraft items
    ✅ Stackable items without glitches or lag when stacking.
    ✅ Fully configurable and customizable via .yml files
    Smelting recipes, crafting recipes with custom items support.
    ✅ Custom tools that can lose durability when used in crafting table and play sounds! (example: Knife used to peel potatoes)
    ✅ Realistic campfire behaviour
    ✅ Ingame item editor to switch texture on the go (choosing from resourcepack textures)
    ✅ Custom loading logo (works only on Optifine and MCPatcher)
    ✅ You can translate the plugin editing lang.yml file
    Developers API to get custom textures and use them in your plugin! Make custom menus, custom tools, tickets, hats, everything you want to code. You can even use these to make special things like mobs (using ArmorStands or something, you need to code them obv)

    ⚠️ Before buying remember:
    • ⚠️ Install ProtocolLib! ⚠️
    • ⛔ You must follow the detailed tutorials provided in official wiki of the plugin. Before asking for support, please read the tutorials as I've made them for a reason.
    • ⛔ You must have some knowledge on how to create/manage/merge vanilla Minecraft resourcepacks as this plugin uses a custom made and modified resourcepack to show custom textures/models. Please if you have 0 knowledge on this don't buy the plugin.
    • If you have another plugin that uses a custom resourcepack you have to know how to merge it with ItemsAdder resourcepack or disable the other plugin.
    • ⛔ I don't know if this plugin interfers with any other plugin, it's impossible to know that without testing every single plugin on the planet (I can't for sure do that.), so if the plugin doesn't work with your server setup it's your fault, don't ask for refund.
    • ⛔ Not compatible with CraftEnhance

    > Detailed tutorial of features and how to create items <
    ✅ Special tools that work in crafting table
    ✅ Armors
    ✅ Blocks
    ✅ Ores
    ✅ Bows
    ✅ Drinks
    ✅ Potions
    ✅ Food
    ✅ Fishing rods
    ✅ Furnitures
    ✅ Trading machines
    ✅ Realistic guns and projectiles
    ✅ Hats (also WINGS, TAILS, BACKPACKS, all wearables)
    ✅ Minerals
    ✅ Seeds
    ✅ Shields
    ✅ Tools (pickaxes, hoes, axes, shovels...)
    ✅ Totems of undying with support for custom animation on use
    ✅ Vegetables and fruits
    ✅ Realistic lag-free vehicles! (cars, planes..)
    and more!

    WorldEdit official extension
    BossShop integration







    Create real blocks without entities/ArmorStands inside!





    > Click here for more info <

    • Do not decompile the plugin.
    • Do not sell the plugin.
    • You can sell custom packs, textures, configs... compatible with this plugin or plugin presets. PLEASE BE SURE NOT TO INCLUDE DEFAULT ITEMS IN YOUR PACK! You can't resell my assets. Thanks. Also donation is appreciated if you earn a lot from it.
    • Do not crack it or redistribute without my permission.
    • You may only use the plugin on a server that which you are an owner of.
    • If you have problems contact me via PM, do not spam your one star reviews, I can fix bugs only if you directly contact me. Check the FAQ
    • For support requests just contact me on Discord
    • No refunds.

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Recent Updates

  1. 1.1.41
  2. 1.1.40
  3. 1.1.39

Recent Reviews

  1. PiggiesGoSqueal
    Version: 1.1.41
    Awesome plugin and responsive developer.

    You can create your own items/textures and sell them as a config setup for this plugin on MCM (as long as you do NOT provide the default items from the plugin)!

    The plugin works well. I recommend using it alongside MMOItems because MMOItems excels with custom items/gear and ItemsAdder excels with custom blocks/crops/furniture/hats/etc. Combining them works really well on a Survival server.
  2. MothMuse
    Version: 1.1.40
    awesome as ever! can't suggest this plugin enough.
    1. LoneDev
      Author's Response
      Thanks as always! :D
  3. LePtitFiloou
    Version: 1.1.39
    Un developpeur incroyable, talentueux et très proche de sa communauté, il n'hésite pas à vous aider dès que vous en avez besoin.

    Au-delà de ça, son travail n'est plus à prouver, je peux sans hesiter certifier que c'est le meilleur plugin de customs items qui existe sur le marché.

    Tout est presque parfait ( Le parfait n'existe pas :D).

    You're insane Lone, keep going ! You deserve so much !

    Filloou from MC-WarDogs.
  4. MothMuse
    Version: 1.1.39
    can't say it enough.. this is a top teir custom items plugin. its so great and easy to use. the author is very active AND will work with you to make new stuff happen or fix issues. its well worth the price for not only the quantity of stuff in this plugin that comes out on a regular basis, but the quality as well blows me away. I love it sure, but the real thing is that my players love it too. the plugin's dev has a wiki describing super easy so even players can submit to me their own custom items and i'll add it into our server! so this plugin even brings our community closer together by allowing for that kind of stuff! with something like Essentials where there's a bunch of commands.. or skript where you can make your own.. i made a simple /trash command that opens a fake chest inventory so everything placed in it is gone when its closed.. a rubbish bin.. and then i used this plugin to make a rubbish bin block that runs the /trash command when its clicked after the block has been placed! now our server has a cartable rubbish bin!! how cool is that? i've got another plugin that is a GUI for /mail... now we have a mailbox. the possibilities with this are absolutely endless.
  5. MeerBiene
    Version: 1.1.39
    5 Stars because support is great i literally send a video of a bug to the dev yesterday and it was fixed in under 12 hrs, great Support, great Plugin, nice Dev, and the premade items that come with the plugin are awesome.
  6. 24Emergency
    Version: 1.1.38
    I would say this is one of the greatest plugin on earth.

    This plug-in is the best choice if you want to give
    whole new experiences to your server player without mods.
  7. NextasiaDE
    Version: 1.1.38
    Excellent plugin, works right away.
    Support is extremly fast on Github, got an answer after 3 Minutes.
    It's worth buying this plugin!
  8. MothMuse
    Version: 1.1.36b
    best plugin ever for custom items! it has a lot of stuff in it and in my server, we have a lot of stuff added! its worth the price and the author is really nice and instantly helps!
  9. ClashYoda
    Version: 1.1.32
    I very like this plugin! :)
    - lot of features
    - fast bugfix
    - fast support
    - very kind author!
  10. Mr_LUG
    Version: 1.1.27
    Very colorful and spectacular plugin!
    And very good technical support.
    Everything works great!