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GucciPets | [BETA] Pet Levelling | 19 PETS VERSION [1.9.6]

19 hotbar pets that your players will love!

  1. GucciTaco
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

    GucciPets brings 14 pets that can be used for PVP and PVE gameplay within your server. Each pet can be customised to your liking, due to the plugins ability to allow its user to change the display name, lore, cooldown, and all messages.


    - 14 different types of pets
    - Changeable skins per pet
    - Effect levels and duration are configurable
    - In-game reload command
    - All messages configurable
    - Each pet as a different configurable cooldowns
    - Action bar message or chat message (Configurable)
    - Optimised
    - Supports World Guard (Disable regions where players can use Leprechaun and Forcefield Pet)
    - Supports ShopGUIPlus (Money Pet + % of your money back when you purchase an item from /shop using the Interest Pet)
    - Supports SuperMobcoins (Mob Coin Pet)


    Interest Pet
    Get cash back on all purchases made through /shop.

    Money Pet
    Sell item for doubled it's worth made through /shop.

    Cow Pet
    Remove all debuffs upon use

    Chicken Pet
    Receive speed effect upon use.

    Spider Pet

    Receive jump boost effect upon use.

    Forcefield Pet

    Bounce back all nearby enemies.

    Leprechaun Pet

    Trap nearby players in a radius of 5 blocks (Configurable) in a Cauldron.

    Pig Pet
    Never lose hunger.

    Sheep Pet
    Never take fall damage.

    Pickaxe Pet
    Unbreakable pickaxe.
    Mob Coin Pet
    Double the amount of Mob Coins you receive.

    Experience Pet
    Double the amount of EXP you pickup.


    pets give <player-name> <pet>
    pets reload




    You can buy the source code from me by sending me a message. The source code costs $12.50, and is available to purchase for customers only.

    You are not allowed to resell this resource.
    You may not give this plugin out to anyone.
    You are not allowed to claim this resource as your own.
    You are not allowed to decomplie this resource.
    You are not allowed to chargeback what so ever.
    You will get support only if you own the plugin.
    Any chargeback will result your license to get deactivated, even if I win the case.
    Contact me via Spigot, MC Market, or Discord pm if you have any issues.
    Before you make a false/negative review, please contact me so we can sort it out.

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Recent Updates

  1. VERSION [1.9.6]
  2. VERSION [1.9.5]
  3. Crate Pet Added

Recent Reviews

  1. Spyka
    Version: VERSION [1.9.6]
    Plugin doesn't works under 1.12.2, author doesn't reply on when the issue will be fixed, I'm waiting for something like 1 month now.
  2. KeepTakinLs
    Version: VERSION [1.9.6]
    This developer has created one of the best pets plugins I have ever seen! I hope this developer keeps his work up and creates some faction plugins soon!
  3. Taco____
    Version: VERSION [1.9.6]
    Amazing Plugin! Would recommend over other pet plugins.
  4. warrior1321
    Version: VERSION [1.9]
    Best pets plugin developer blaze and the poster taco are both rly amazing love the content they bring
  5. warrior1321
    Version: [V1.6]
    Amazing plugin, Can i advise you update the pets lists as its still as 13 pets
  6. ThatOneBuyer
    Version: [V1.5]
    Amazing plugin, Works as advertised, Developer and his support team are fast to respond, professional and nice!
    1. GucciTaco
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  7. warrior1321
    Version: [V1.5]
    Great update would love to see what ideas people come up with this new pet gotta see what happens xd gonna be fun seeing people argue that its too op on servers xd
  8. warrior1321
    Version: [V1.4]
    Amazing plugin, just wish they could add more pets ;) i got so many ideas for it but they bringing out new amazing plugins so im happy but they should make a schedule however guccipets is a incredible plugins 100% worth every cent
  9. warrior1321
    Version: [V1.2]
    Incredible plugin, Known GucciTaco for a while now only recently found out he had this plugin etc and that he developed. But i love this plugin i have another plugin etc but it became crap when they changed the way pets work so im glad he came to the rescue and bought out a plugin so incredible like this Must love Taco ik your reading this dude <3 Worth 110% buying it if your making a skyblock or factions server will make your server more unique
    1. GucciTaco
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  10. Evil
    Version: [V1.1]
    Everything works great. The developer is friendly and open to suggestions. (:
    1. GucciTaco
      Author's Response
      Thank you!