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PerfectGenerators AS ON PVPWARS BUT BETTER (MobCoins, Tokens, YOU DECIDE!!!) 4.1

Create your own generators, configure the item they drop and much more

  1. Small change

    Rick Ross
    Version 4.1

    • If the plugin wouldn't refund your generator (most likely because another plugin is overriding the /generator command) when deleting, try this version.
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  2. More tiers, bug fixes, more options

    Rick Ross
    Version 4.0

    If you're upgrading from a previous version, please check the configs below

    • You can now add as many tiers as you want
    • You can now decide if you want to use a drop mechanic
    • Option to drop item if the generator's inventory is full
    • Improved sound options
    • Bug fixes + more improvements

    Link to config:...
  3. New placeholder in commands, hologram offset (x and z), bug fixes

    Rick Ross
    Newest changes in version 3.3

    • Instead of putting "msg {player} &bhello {player}!", you can now "[message] &bhello {player}!".
    • You can now customize the holograms location.
    • Small bug fixes
    Reset your config.yml for new values
  4. Support for latest FabledSkyblock, alias and more

    Rick Ross
    Version 3.2

    • Added /pvpwarsgen as an alias for /generator
    • Added support for latest FabledSkyblock version (2.0.3)
    • Bug fixes
  5. AcidIsland support, SuperiorSkyblock fix

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.8

    Reset config.yml or add the following below

    • Added support for AcidIsland
    • Fixed rare bug with SuperiorSkyblock

      acidisland: # AcidIsland
        enable: false # If set to true it will only allow them to place generators in their island
        generators-per-island: -1 # If set to -1, an island can have infinite amount of...
  6. Fabledskyblock fixed & more

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.7

    • Smaller bug fixes for FabledSkyblock
    • Smaller bug fixes for generators
  7. Use mobcoins to update your generator

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.6.1

    • Added option to upgrade generators using mobcoins
    • Added mobcoins option in config.yml
    • Updated plugin.yml

    If you want to use this option, then don't forget to update the messages and lores to your likings.​
      worldguard: # WorldGuard and WorldEdit required
        enable: false # Will only let them place a generator in the __global__ region.
      vault: # Vault is required,...
  8. Give access, Remove access, FactionWP support

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.5

    Before updating, I recommend backing up the plugin folder.

    You can compare old and new YAML files here(https://eloquent-hodgkin-f52b42.netlify.com). However, you can delete both config.yml and messages.yml and let the plugin do the work.
  9. Time display update, improved /generator reload

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.4

    Please have a look at both config files below if you're upgrading from a lower version.
    • Updated the clock item when you open the generators inventory
    • Added more time option in config.yml
    • Removed the time options from generators.yml and moved them to config.yml
    • Color support for the "time left" function
    • Improved /generator reload
    • Fixed small issue with /generator list and the auto-completion
    • Improved the "time left"...
  10. Option for minute display

    Rick Ross
    Version 2.3.1

    • Added option for minutes and seconds for the generator item lore
    • Added new options in generators.yml

    # Create different generators here

    display-seconds-in-minutes: false # This will turn 60 seconds into 1 minute
    translate-second: "second(s)"
    translate-minute: "minute(s)"

    'EmeraldBlockGenerator': # This is used in /generator give <player> EmeraldBlockGenerator <tier> <amount>
    type: "Emerald Block" # This will...