TPGems - Teleportation Gems 1.1.1

A balanced solution to teleportation on survival servers.

TPGems is a small plugin which allows players to create teleportation gems, linked to specific locations, and share them with friends. Its aim is to allow server owners to create a balanced teleportation system, that doesn't make the server too easy. The plugin also gives emeralds an extra use, making them more valuable. Players can be charged currency per creation, use, and per duplication of a teleportation gem, with an optional cooldown between uses.

This plugin is ideal for survival/towny servers who wish to keep the server as close to vanilla as possible, while also providing players some method of teleportation that doesn't make things too easy.

Players can set up teleportation gems at their base, then carry that gem with them when they go exploring, and simply have to click the gem to return home, assuming they have enough money in their balance to do so. They can also share a copy of their gem with other players, allowing them to also teleport to the players home.

Another use case would be anarchy servers. Server owners can offer players a method of teleporting back to their base, however, as the player has to have the gem on them, being killed by another player would lead to their base location being exposed.

Admins can also create Admin Gems which have no cost to use, which could be used for communal areas such as spawn/markets/etc.


Default Config:
  - 'world'
  - 'world_nether'
  use: 10
  safety: 3
  warmup: 5

  use: 5
  link: 20
  copy: 10
  name: '&a&lTeleportation Gem'
    - '&bName: &f%name%'
    - '&bCoords: &7X &f%coords_x% &7Y &f%coords_y% &7Z &f%coords_z% &7[&f%coords_world%&7]'
    - '&bCreator: &f%creator%'
  name: '&c&lAdmin Teleportation Gem'
    - '&bName: &f%name%'
    - '&bCoords: &7X &f%coords_x% &7Y &f%coords_y% &7Z &f%coords_z% &7[&f%coords_world%&7]'
    - '&bCreator: &f%creator%'
    - '&bThis gem is free to use.'

  permission: '&4You don''t have permission to do that.'
  balance: '&7You don''t have enough coins to do that.'
  dimension: '&7You''re in the wrong dimension!'
  unlinked: '&fThat requires a normal &2Emerald&f!'
  linked: '&fYou must be holding a linked &2Gem&f.'
  emerald: '&fYou must be holding any &2Emerald&f.'
  name: '&fYou must provide a name for the gem.'
  lost: '&7&oThe gem has lost its power.'
  cooldown: '&7You can''t use that again so soon.'
  cost: '&7Using that will deduct a few coins.'
  teleport: '&b&oWhoosh!'
  safety: '&fClick again to teleport.'
  warmup: '&eWarming up, do not move for %seconds% seconds.'
  cancelled: '&cTeleport cancelled!'
  - '&eTP Gems'
  - '&7/gem &fcreate &7[&ename&7] &7- &bCreate a TP Gem at your current location.'
  - '&7/gem &fcopy &7- &bDuplicate the gem you are holing.'
  - '&7/gem &finfo &7- &bDisplays information about the gem in your hand.'
  - '&7/gem &funlink &7- &bUnlinks the current gem and refunds your emerald.'
  - '&eTP Gems'
  - '&7/gemadmin &fcreate &7[&ename&7] &7- &bCreate a TP Gem at your current location.'
  - '&7/gemadmin &fcopy &7- &bDuplicate the gem you are holing.'
  - '&7/gemadmin &freload &7- &bReload the config file.'

Commands & Permissions:

/gem - lists command help - gem.user
/gem create [name] - Allows user to create a gem linked to their current location -
/gem copy - Duplicate the gem currently held - gem.copy
/gem info - List info about the held gem
/gem unlink - Remove teleportation info from the current gem and return a normal emerald - gem.unlink

/gemadmin - lists command help - gem.admin
/gemadmin create [name] - Create a gem at your current location which is free to use by players - gem.admin.create
/gemadmin copy - Duplicates the current held gem - gem.admin.copy
/gemadmin reload - Reloads the config - gem.admin


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