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✨ Aqua Core - Essentials,Punishments,Ranks & Permissions,Utilities,Purchasable ranks ✨ 5.3

Aqua Core supports the ranks system, punishments, essentials features & commands and much more.

  1. Update #5.3

    - Added option to toggle un-freeze on player leave
    • Please add next spoiler to your settings.yml
    • This option applies for both freeze and gui freeze feature
    • Code:
      un-freeze-player-on-leave: false
    - Added new argument to /aqua command, you can now use /aqua wipe, this will open a new GUI where you can choose which type of punishments you want to wipe/delete.

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  2. Update #5.2

    - Fixed the issue when you disable tps command.
    - Mirror code changes and bug fixes.
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  3. Update #5.1

    - Fixed symbols spam when clearing chat on player join.
    - Fixed null error with granted rank.
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  4. Update #5.0

    - Shaded all libraries into plugin to add support for other library plugins and spigots
    - Updated API to add new methods to PlayerData (Requested by user)
    • PlayerData#setNameTag(Boolean) - used to toggle nametag for a specific player
    • PlayerData#isNameTag() - used to check if player's nametag is enabled
    • This can be useful if you want to set different name tag to player in different situation such as fights in practice plugin and still keep AquaCore nametags in lobby/other...
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  5. Update #4.8

    - Changed and updated protection and licensing system, please note that all older versions will be disabled in a period between 2-5 hours so please update your version to this one!
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  6. Update #4.7

    - Added more methods to the API, request by users.
    - You can now get things such as player chat color, rank chat color, tag format and more..
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  7. Update #4.6

    - Fixed some issues with data saving such as coins when using bungee
    - Added new placeholders to get player highest grant duration to PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI.
    • For PlaceholderAPI use "%aqua_player_rank_duration%" and for MVdWPlaceholderAPI use "{player_rank_duration}"
    • [​IMG]
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  8. Update #4.5

    - Update API and added methods #addCoins and #removeCoins to player data
    - API: https://github.com/selmirdevelopment/AquaCoreAPI
    - Made purchasable ranks duration configurable in settings.yml, please add next spoiler to your settings.yml
    #Please use a valid duration like '30d', '2d', '30m'
    purchasable-ranks-duration: "30d"
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  9. Update #4.4

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  10. Update #4.3

    - Fixed errors for GUI freeze on some 1.8 spigots.
    - Made auth register message, this message will be sent if user is not staff authenticated and not registered, old one will be sent if user is not staff authenticated but is registered, also made a configuration for auth allowed commands.
    • Please add next spoiler to your settings.yml file
    • Code:
        - ''
        - '&bPlease authenticated yourself.'
        - '&bUse &3/auth register <password>...
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