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[Aqua Core] ⚡ [SUMMER END SALE [30 % OFF] ⚡ Permissions, Coins, Essentials,Tips,Freeze,Managers,API 3.8.2

Aqua Core supports the ranks system, punishments, essentials features & commands and much more.

  1. Update #3.8.2

    - Fixed error with permission loading
    - Fixed error with rank creating
    - Fixed chat mention if the player is muted or chat is muted.
    - Fixed other small bugs
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  2. Update #3.8.1

    - Fixed error with redis
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  3. Update #3.8 - SUMMER ENDING SALE [30 % OFF]

    Update #3.8 - SUMMER ENDING SALE [30 % OFF]

    - Added rank types
    • Every rank can have 3 types: Default, Staff, Donator
    • You can show 1 prefix from each type in chat format using <prefixes> placeholder, this placeholder will get the highest rank from each type and show a prefix of it.
    • [​IMG]
    - You can't now private message vanished player, they will be shown as offline.
    - You can't now see vanished players in /list
    - Players in...
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  4. Update #3.7.4

    - Fixed player damaging while frozen/in panic mode.
    - Fixed login errors/null
  5. Update #3.7.3

    - Fixed issues with per-user permissions for NameMC
    - Fixed permission "aqua.tags.all"
    - Fixed join error
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  6. Update #3.7.2

    - Bug fixes and changes
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  7. Update #3.7.1

    - Now name in join message will be colored, rank color, name color, italic and bold will also be applied.
    - Added placeholder "{online}" in /list, used to get the amount of online players
    - Added PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI support for chat format and /list
    - If you're using login events for checking perms please add this and enable it in settings.yml:
    using-login-events: false
    - Added option to silent blacklist and un-blacklist, please reset your...
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  8. Update #3.7

    - Ranks and names in /list now will be applied with bold and italic (If applied to rank or user).
    - Added option to limit alts amount on all IPs, this will stop users from joining with more alts.
    -+ Please add next spoiler to your config.yml [directory=punishments/config.yml]
      KICK-MESSAGE: '&cYou have exceeded max alt accounts that can be used. You have &c&l<current> &calts and the maximum is &c&l<max>&c!'
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  9. Update #3.6.1

    - Fixed error with Redis which would cause issues with all related stuff about Redis.
  10. Update #3.6

    - Fixed player ordering in /list
    - Fixed check command, permissions, and aliases
    - Changed Redis settings from 2.7 update as some user had an issue with it [Still in beta and needs testing]

    - Added option to set chat color of a specific rank, by default it is white
    - You can do /rank setchatcolor color <color>, this will set chat color of rank and when someone writes in a chat with the rank the message will be in the color that you set
    - Added...