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This is best Bet Plugin, Offline Player can play on discord and more!

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ApiaBet is an advanced bet plugin.
Apart from the level of customizability, ApiaBet stands out with its unique features.

You can play from Discord.

Players can join bet from Discord even if they aren't online.
Just need one time synchronization.


ApiaBet uses emotes for allows players to quickly join the bet.
Emotes are special to discord servers which you can create 50 emotes by default.
If you want to change emotes picture, drag & drop your picture to plugins/ApiaJackpot then do your changes like in config.yml examples.

Promotion Codes

You can create promotion codes with ApiaJackpot to allows player join jackpot without giving money.
Also you can create codes in Discord. (Players can use these codes in both Minecraft and Discord)
When you create codes you'll receive private message from bot which contains codes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One of the biggest problem of multi-functional plugins is complexity.
In ApiaBet there is a FAQ gui which contains question and answer.
You can change these in config.yml
Fast Joining

Like using emote to join bet in Discord you can join jackpot with gui items which pot amount is predetermined.
If you want way faster use /pot <amount>
or you want another way, you can use /pot joinlp because this command will auto join bet with your last joined price as your name
Top Winners

You can see the players who won the highest amounts in bet main menu with ApiaJackpot.
You can also see date the player won.
Only top 10 winners recorded due to performance affects.
Risk Bonuses

Every bet you join there is a chance that proportional to the money you invested.
According to the range of your chance rate you'll earn extra rewards.

Tier One:
Chance: 0-25
Default Bonus: %25

Tier Two:
Chance: 25-50
Default Bonus: %10

Tier Three:
Chance: 50-75
Default Bonus: %5

Tier Four:
Chance: 75-99
Default Bonus: %1
Players can use this boosts
You can give this boosts with command to players
Boosts can be given as Item.
It is designed in this way so that players can trade between them.
If the player has premium upgrade permissions, their features will change for that player.

1. Boost: Back Pay
If player lost current bet then system will pay some money to user. According to the range of your chance rate you'll money

If you have idea for this send me (contact details bottom of resource)

Tier One:
Chance: 0-25
Default Bonus: %25

Tier Two:
Chance: 25-50
Default Bonus: %10

Tier Three:
Chance: 50-75
Default Bonus: %5

Tier Four:
Chance: 75-99
Default Bonus: %1
Tier One:
Chance: 0-25
Default Bonus: %40

Tier Two:
Chance: 25-50
Default Bonus: %30

Tier Three:
Chance: 50-75
Default Bonus: %20

Tier Four:
Chance: 75-99
Default Bonus: %10

Small Details

Many small details such as minimum and maximum money limit for joining bet, minimum and maximum player limit for joining bet are configurable in config.
ApiaBet is supportted DiscordSRV
You can use DiscordSRV for account sync operation
In versions 1.9 above, you can see the remaining time of the bet in the bossbar.
You can show your most winner users on your Discord server. (NEW FEATURE)
You can use join voice channels at discord for bet (NEW FEATURE)



Minimum money that the user wins the jackpot
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_minwon} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_minwon%)
Maximum money that the user wins the jackpot
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_maxwon} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_maxwon%)
Indicates how many times the user joined the jackpot.
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_playtimes} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_playtimes%)
Indicates how many times the user won the jackpot.
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_wontimes} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_wontimes%)
Shows the Total Money Used by the User to Join the Jackpot.
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_alljoinedmoney} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_alljoinedmoney%)
Shows the Total Money the User Earned from the Jackpot.
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_allwonmoney} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_allwonmoney%)
Displays the User's Discord ID, if Synchronized.

(MVdW: {apiajackpot_discordid} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_discordid%)
Shows the uses left of player (Back Pay Boost)
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_boostbackpay} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_boostbackpay%)
Shows your money at current jackpot
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_pot_balance} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_pot_balance%)
Shows money at current jackpot
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_pot_allbalance} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_pot_allbalance%)
Shows your win chance at current jackpot
(MVdW: {apiajackpot_pot_chance} | PAPI: %apiajackpot_pot_chance%)

Join Bet with Items (NEW FEATURE)
You can use item to join bet.
You can configure this items in config.
You can configure items to have better price with enchantment. For example Unbreaking 1 Ghast Tear $100 and Unbreaking 2 Ghast Tear $120.
Also you can use NBT.

    material: GHAST_TEAR
    amount: 1
        enchantment: DAMAGE_ALL
        priceperlevel: 15000
        minimum_required: 1
    datavalue: 0
    name: '&61M Key'
    lore: []
      - 'key:value'
    base_price: 100000

Holograms (NEW FEATURE)

You can create multiple types of holograms with ApiaBet, and each hologram you create supports player variables. (Check lang.yml)
Currently only supports HolographicDisplays. (if there is an add-on you want to add, you can tell me)


MySQL Support

ApiaBet support MySQL so you can store your player's data across all of your servers.
But ApiaBet still stores data in each server as SQLite. This datas are for encrypted items.

Security Precautions

In case of any problem ApiaBet will refund to participants.
Also when ApiaBet is active and if economy plugin will be disabled ApiaBet will safely disable itself first.


1. Download ApiaJackpot and JDA.
2. Drag & drop ApiaJackpot to your plugins folder. Start server then stop.
3. Drag & drop JDA to plugins/ApiaJackpot/lib (if lib folder doesn't exist create it).
4. Open ApiaJackpot/config.yml. Type your bot token to the part that says TOKEN_HERE. Type channel id to part that says ID_HERE which players will use command here. Type information channel id to the information_channel part which bot will send information messages to this channel.

Everything is ready!

Strikethrough steps are not required after the 3.2.0 update.






(Main bet gui)


(Jackpot Status for Waiting Time)


(Jackpot Status for Active Time)


(Pay Back Boost)


(Fastly join buttons)

(Join Jackpot with Last Join Price)


(List of Current Items in Bet)


(Screen of Items in Bet)





(List of Items for use to join bet)


(Example item of last feature)


(Back button of last feature)


(Example FAQ)


(Example FAQ)


(Example FAQ)


(Example FAQ)


(Back to main bet page)




(Account-Check Example)


(Money Query)


(Checked Emote |This means that the emote command is read)


(Information of current jackpot on discord)


(Player profile on discord)

(TopWinner Shows at Channel Names)


(Users join the bet at voice channels)


(Help command for admins)


(Help command for users)


(Message to joining bet)


(If you won jackpot but you was offline, After joining the game)


(If Bet Contains Item then Send This Message to Winner)


  • play.orthyon-mc.fr | Language: French
  • play.sennanetwork.com | Language: Turkish

1. I don't see my channel IDs
-> Open Discord -> Settings -> Appearance -> Developer Mode
-> Right click to selected channel and click COPY ID button

2. How Can I Get Tokens
-> Create Your Discord Bot
Copy the Token in Step 4 and Paste it in the TOKEN_HERE Field.

3. Emote Size and Resolution
-> Max Size: 256 KB
-> Recommended Size: 128x128 (Discord will resize all emotes)

4. I have a permission error ?
-> Kick your bot in discord server
-> Create new invite url and rewrite permission value in url to 8
-> This is admin permission code

5. How can you get this resource for free?
-> You can make it by if 2 of your friends buy this plugin. We need to make sure of that so you need to contact us from our Discord.
-> You can make video for introducing this plugin. We need to make sure your video meet the our criteria. For video we will provide the server. Once you did the video you will get original license of this plugin. Every language can have 1 video so hurry up!

  • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.​
  • You are not allowed to edit this plugin.​
  • You are not allowed to claim the source/binary code of the plugin as your own.​
  • You are not allowed to resell this plugin.​
  • You are not allowed to share this plugin.​
  • I hold the right to change this whenever I want.​
USE DISCUSSION, PM OR DISCORD: http://bit.ly/ApiaTeamSupport!

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