AAC + AACAP - Balanced AntiCheat Configuration 0.3.8

Balanced configuration of AAC & AACAP for good protection, performance and low false positives.

I worked since 2016 on making AAC work "okay" without taking too much performance and having the less false positives as possible, this configuration has autoban only for Blatant cheating, and has a decent leniency to prevent false positives.

Lot of testing has and is being made, and i feel this configuration is perfectly balanced as it is right now.

It doesnt require ConditionalCommands or any extra plugins, just make sure to have a banning plugin and/or modify the parts of the configuration to suit your needs.


- A plugin to ban players. (Litebans, AdvancedBans, MaxBans, etc)
- AAC (Version 3.6.4 only as latest doesnt work properly) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/aac-advanced-anti-cheat-hack-kill-aura-blocker.6442/
- AACAdditionPro (Latest, always update) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/aacadditionpro.33590/


Official server using AAC + AACAP configuration.
(Please try not to bother other players while testing, thanks!)



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Latest updates

  1. AAC + AACAP - Update 0.3.8

    * Fixed false positives with Scaffold.
  2. AAC + AACAP - Update 0.3.7

    * Fixed some false positives. * Improved Macros detection. * Activated most of disabled checks...
  3. AAC + AACAP - Update 0.3.6

    + Updated AACAP to latest version. (6.2.0) + Made Reach check faster. (But now it only kicks)

Latest reviews

i improved your config and added another add-on and can no longer use kill aura and less reach pd i used your configuration to guide m
I am glad it helped you :)
very good su much asd asd asd asdas
Thanks :)
I decided to support the author and buy this config and did not regret it. Very competent setting, not a single false alarm! 4 stars for the KillAura setting, EaZy client bypasses this setting
Hi, i would need more info to make improvements. As of now this is the best i was able to make with the settings to prevent false positives and have the best detection as possible.
Recommended to buy, epic
Thank you! an update is coming soon :)
pls, update the config for the latest version aacap
We are working on that! Sorry for the delay, we are doing some updates in general to all the config :)
Highly recommended, there is 0% false positives and the configuration is too optimized. It detects everything, 100% recommended.
Thank you a lot for your positive review :)
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