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LuckPerms CONFIG -> 7 GROUPS & 20+ preconfigured plugins 1.5

luckperms configuration

  1. Yamiru
    Supported MC Versions:
    Req. Server Software:
    Spigot, PaperSpigot, bukkit,
    Advanced Configuration for
    "LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin"

    7 GROUPS:
    servermaster (developer) "all permissions"
    serveradmin (Owner) "all permissions"
    default (player)

    /spawn /setspawn /pay /pm /money /balance /heads /sellhead /shop /bank /tpa /warps /sethome /ao /help and more...
    -luckperms plugin
    -custom prefix processor; tested: EssentialsxChat or CMI
    Essentialsx config.yml edit chat format:
    format: '&7{DISPLAYNAME} &8: &7{MESSAGE}'
    CMI config.yml displayname:
    Format: '{prefix}{nickName}'

    1. upload plugin luckperms to /plugins/
    2. restart server
    3. unzip resource
    4. upload config to /plugins/LuckPerms/
    5. import config console: lp import lpconfigyami
    6. add permission for yourself: go to server and type to console: lp user NICKNAME permission set luckperms.* true
    7. go to server and type to chat /lp editor and edit yourself/online players group.default to e.g. group.serveradmin

    - uload unzipped resource and type to chat: /lp import lpconfigyami
    clean install:
    - remove luckperms-h2.mv.db (database file), restart server, and use totorial (1.-7.)
    remove all users:
    lp bulkupdate users delete

    plugin permissions: (work with and without this plugins)

    MyPet, enchantmentsolution, essentials, guishop, landlord, lands, mergedspawner, worldguard, shopguiplus, chestshop, warpsystem, animatedscoreboard, bank, betterbowtrails, bnpc, bskyblock, buildmoney, caveblock, chatreaction, cmi, crazyenchantments, ctplus, customenderchest, dailyrewards, deathchestpro, decoheads, deluxemenus, dr, factions, featherboard, gemseconomy, getspawners, greenhouses, griefprevention, help, kitspreview, lwc, marry, mcmmo, mergedspawenr, mineablespawners, miner, mycommand, pickupspawners, pm, quests, randomtp, safetrade, silktouchspawners, servernpc, skipnight, titlemotd, trade, trail, ultimatefishing, ultimaterepairing, ultimatetimber, usb, island, worldedit, zauctionhousevanish, litebans, mineit, ab, ao, chatcontorl, dailybonus, chatsentinel, exploitfixer, headsplus, multiversecore,...

    if you need support or adding custom plugin to this config pm me
    *issue report here --> GITHUB ISSUES

    Servers using my config:
    Avaloncs.group 1.15.1:
    Welcome to Survival 1.15.1:


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Recent Reviews

  1. BarelyZen
    Version: 1.1
    I am very grateful to Viktor (@Yamiru) for providing this resource. The purchase, while not as swift as I expected, is more than satisfying. He is friendly and very easy to work with.

    The information is exactly as promised in the description.

    Some people may question the very minimal cost and mistakenly suggest how easy it is to simply go through the perms by hand. It is true that this can be done by hand, however, what such criticism neglects is how time consuming slogging them out one-at-a-time. We are talking about just under 2300 commands! The value of my time is much greater than the cost of this resource.

    The CMI and mcMMO perms alone make this a great buy. Naturally, you may want to adjust a few things to meet your specific requirements. And if you have a plugin that he has not covered -- just reach out and ask him.

    With very little effort you can use the file as instructed in appropriately brief tutorial (right on the resource page).
    Alternatively, you can parse it as I have done into SQL commands to directly insert/update the LuckPerms backend database.

    Bravo! Well done.
    1. Yamiru
      Author's Response
      thank you very much ^^