Desert themed Pvp Arena

This is a western/desert styled PVP map.
It has a lot of detail and is a lot of fun for PVP.
There are many open areas as well as multiple smaller areas.
It features indoor buildings with a lot of detail, a big lava lake, multiple side area's, a parkour and a lot more.

Quick 2.0 changes:​
  • The map is now 2x the size.
  • Fixed a lot of glitches and a few holes.
  • Added a lot of detail.
  • The darkness is upon us.
  • Read the update log for everything!
It will keep your players interested for a long amount of time.



- The barrier protection only works on 1.8 and above!
- You'll get a schematic which can only be pasted using a compatible program that's able paste .schematic files(like mc-edit or worldedit)!
- I recommend you disable enderpearls because people can get out of the map with them.​
- You may modify everything you want!
- Only use it for your server/network or single-player world!
- You are not allowed to redistribute this building!
- No refunds!​

Latest updates

  1. Darkness is upon us!

    VERSION 2.0 IS HERE! Update 2.0 brings a lot of new things to the map. Here's the update log...
  2. We're back

    Hello everyone, After a while of being inactive, we're back! And we have quiet a big update...
  3. Fixes

    From now on you'll be able to enter the road and shoot people from there. You can also jump into...

Latest reviews

Terrible just terrible.
How is that a review? Please give us some feedback if you think it's bad...
I've found numerous (10+ maybe) holes in the build, the "jumping parkour" keeps to be oddly placed, unchallenging slabs that go straight through the middle of the map, it's largely unfinished in most places. In addition, in my personal opinion, the terraforming is a joke, there are random holes and overhangs to the point it looks like they were just hurried up and placed. And it's no joke about a road that can be added-on, it's simply unfinished and leads to nothing. It's pointless to buy a PvP map with so many places users can simply jump off the map with.

I can say, the overall quality of individual BUILDS on this map is great in addition to nice organics. Very good with western style buildings.

Terraforming: 2/10
Builds: 9/10
Organics: 7/10
Usefulness: 4/10
Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the feedback.
I'l do my best to update it as soon as possible.
I'l make the jump parkour more challening & try to fix the holes.
I hope ik can make it better.
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