BattlePass+ (Free BattlePass Remake)

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Free with a high level of customization

Pass+ is a comprehensive, detailed and expandable pass plugin developer for Minecraft using the Spigot API. This plugin is inspired by the BattlePass apparent in the game Fortnite, some cross over features are things like: Tiers, Weekly Challenges and some sort of experience. The plugin aims to add an incentive for players to achieve some goals that might not be very desirable in Minecraft itself, this plugin adds another layer of customizable challenges to the game. It is primarily designed for the Factions and SkyBlock gamemodes, however, the plugins functionality and support is not limited to this mode. The plugin supports any gamemode / server type.

Why Is Pass+ Free?
Ultimately I have come to the conclusion that I want to pursue other things rather than just spigot development, therefore, it is just a hobby of mine. I don't think it is fair to make people pay for something that is a hobby project.


For more information about the plugin, permissions, and commands please refer to the wiki


Soft Dependencies
(required for economy features).


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Latest updates

  1. Placeholders! + a few small fixes

    Added Placeholder support for PAPI: - %pass+_tier% - %pass+_exp% - %pass+_challenges% -...
  2. Free pass integration

    Added: - Now there is ability for a free copy of the battlepass - You are able to configure...

Latest reviews

Nice, but it really needs 1.16.x compatability, can't run it on my server..
10/10 Plugin. Super high quality, detailed config, amazing support. The dev even pushed a custom requested update after over 1y of inactivity. The ONLY free plugin I felt compelled to donate to.
This plugin has been great so far, hope it reaches the big league UWU
Thanks a lot for the kind review :)
For a free plugin this is amazing, the default style of this blows me away, I can't wait to see this plugin develop into something amazing! Great work, keep it up!
Thanks a lot for the kind review! I'm glad you are enjoying the resource :)
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