ArmourHP || Supports 1.8.8 - 1.14 || Cryptic Development 4.0

A plugin that displays armorhp of other players in-game
ArmourHP [v1.0]
(( Cryptic Development ))
» Description

Ever wanted to see someones Armour Durability whilst in an intense pvp battle with someone?. Worry no more! While pvping you can check someones Armour durability by typing mutliple command alilias we have setup. For Example /ArmourHP (Name), /ArmorHP (Name) & /ahp (Name).

» Images


» Commands / Perms
  • /armorhp, /aph, /armourhp (Perm:
  • /ahp (Name), armorhp, armourhp (Perm: ArmourHP.use.player)
  • /ahp reload (Perm: ArmourHP.reload)
» Configuration

» Any Questions?

If you have any questions reguarding the plugin or a commision you would like please contact one of the following people...

Project Manager: OutbackAustralia#0001
Developer: TsunamiSurfer#7361

Discord Server:

» Source Code

If you would like to purchase the source code it is priced at $5. Please contact the Developer of this plugin, which is displayed above.

» Proof of Ownership

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Latest updates

  1. Cleaned Code

    Cleanest Version out to date for ArmourHP / Works Flawlessly
  2. Cleaned Code

    - Cleaned up Code.
  3. Quick Change

    - Error in Config now resolved. Cleanest Version out to date for ArmourHP / Works Flawlessly

Latest reviews

Great plugin! Using it for my skyblock server:
Glad you like it!
Absolutely Amazing! I used to suck at PvP, but now with this great new plugin I can make sure I never die! Great work to whoever made this
Clean, easy to use, and plugin works perfectly as mentioned, this can be used for any type of server.
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