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  1. iRag
    Supported MC Versions:
    ✯ 1.8 ╱ 1.9 ╱ 1.10 ╱ 1.11 ╱ 1.12 ╱ 1.13 ╱ 1.14 ✯
    Req. Server Software:

    This configuration is a union between RPG and realistic to result in an original configuration if you want to upload a video about the setup do not hesitate to send me your link to put it here


      • Mobs deal additional or minor damage depending on your difficulty
      • In addition to natural effects such as thunderstorms, or mobs use special abilities
    • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    • SPAWN
      • This is the arena in which every player will be safe​
      • You can find npcs and several zones with which you can interact​

    • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
      • This system is for clamoring an area
      • The first clamor is free, then it will cost 100 coins
      • The maximum number of clams per person is 10

      • Buy different minerals or objects to advance your adventure
      • You can find several categories including minerals, ores, tools, food, blocks, etc.
      • After v.1 where rpg items and recipes will come, prices will be multiplied to stabilize the economy
    • To get the luckyblocks you must mine several times
    • It has many positive and negative surprises for your survival
    • Manage a virtual backpack to keep your items
    • The users have 3 rows and the vips 6
    • Everything you keep in your backpack will be immune to being lost when you die
    • CARMOR
    • Obtain armor that can give you positive effects
    • Some give speed, others give strength, etcetera.
    • One of the first personalized mobs are the zombies kamikazes
    • It also works in the zombies pig
    • Teleport randomly to two different worlds
    • Travel to the normal world or nether
    • Right now the end if it is active but you can't do tp since a custom end is being created for the next update
    • Play scratch and win and get random rewards
    • Manage it keeping the shift accurate while moving the mouse
    • There is a list of fully configured ranges
    • Here you can see all the current ranges next to your prefix
    • When entering for the first time you will open a menu with all the instructions of the server
    • It is also configured to open every time you enter
    • They are small cosmetics of dragons miniatures
    • In the next version they will be changed by Companions
    • Elevators
    • VIP players can place their own lifts
    • You can go up and down with space and shift
    • Levels
    • To level up you should only kill mobs and animals
    • You can manage all your statistics from the menu

    • MoneyPrinters
    • Moneyprinters are personalized money generators that you can find in the lobby
    • You can also buy your generators and repair them
    • Now from carbon to emerald is 100-500 the maximum money you can generate
    • DreamFish
    • There is a whole world of fish waiting for you
    • You can buy the hook of a fish and then put it on the rod to fish
    • In addition to that it is accompanied by a very personalized fishing system that you can see below this
    • CustomFishing
    • This plugin is accompanied by messages, titles and several possible rewards
    • To obtain these rewards you must not be using any hook from the DreamFish in order to obtain them
    • BetterChairs
    • Sit on stairs to avoid fatigue
    • You just have to put some stairs and put posters in the corners
    • TPS
    • See the great performance that the server has with more than 100 plugins
    • In addition to having an antilag to avoid drops of tps
    • StackMob
    • To avoid lag has been placed a stackmob that affects every entity
    • They must be in an area nearby to be stacked
    • ItemDrop
    • Every time an item is dropped a hologram appears
    • It can be x2 or simply the hologram of the item
    • MoneyBlocks
    • There is a certain percentage that when you mine a block you find a certain amount of money
    • You will be notified with a hologram and a message in the chat that you have found money
    • AnvilGui
    • For players with VIP rank they can open a normal anvil gui
    • Remember that you can also repair it in an advanced mode in the spawn or by pressing left click on the anvil
    • Angels
    • These angels consist of inventory protectors when you die
    • Each player starts with 3 angels, when you die you lose 1 and you can get more angels in the missions
    • Xpbottles
    • Save your experience in normal bottles for another time
    • Also your experience is stored in bottles at death that you can recover again
    • ChatColor
    • Select your chat color when writing from a gui very easy to use
    • This option is only set for players with VIP rank
    • HealthBar
    • This is an indicator that is only for mobs and animals
    • It consists of indicating the current life of the enemy
    • AuctionBar
    • Here you can notice various information between hunger life and the game mode in which you find yourself
    • The data will change as you select your difficulty, or change from game mode to creative or adventure, (this is not possible for ordinary users or vips)
    • Missions
    • Perform weekly missions with a list of 20
    • You can also acquire personalized rewards among them angels, luckyblocks, etc.
    • General
    • Look at some general images of npcs spawn, etcetera.
    • This is a summary of the basics that every player will see when entering the server
    • ItemInventory
    • Currently there is an item in slot 9 soon they will be added more
    • The item is to open the personalized menu
    • ClearLag
    • The clearlag is a complement that is responsible for deleting entities and mobs in the current worlds
    • It also includes an antilag system that is activated when the tps fall to 19.00 and what it does is erase all the entities and remove some loads of chunks to quickly raise the tps
    • InventoryFull
    • This is a supplement that is responsible for notifying you when your inventory is full and you can not pick up an item
    • It warns you with a title on your screen
    • SpawnersShop
    • You can buy your own spawners and level them up
    • Do not forget that to level them up you can use the experience and the money
    • WorldGeneration
    • A totally different world to which you are accustomed awaits you
    • Includes mines, and many dungeons for your fun
    • Marry
    • Establish your gender and marry your perfect partner
    • You can establish your house and send life to your partner, etc.
    • NPC´S
    • You can interact with the npcs
    • Execute commands and more
    • PlayerMention
    • Mention the player just by putting his name and it will be changed by a @ in addition to send a sound
    • You can also turn off notifications
    • LagAssist
    • This add-on helps to analyze where more entities are presenting besides being able to erase them.
    • It works in real time and indicates all the worlds and chunks
    • CraftGUI
    • We have put a gui crafting tabble works for all VIP players
    • If you want to make the users also use /craft just add the permission again
    • WeatherNews
    • Receive every time you enter or spend time a news about the weather currently
    • It warns you hours before if it comes rain, storms, or a rain free day
    • Revenge
    • Basically revenge is a complement that makes the animals join in a group after they see an animal die
    • It only works if they are in a nearby area and if they are of the same species
    • CustomDrops
    • Some mobs are modified to drop items they do not normally do
    • It is planned for version v.2 to add a custom drop to each mob and animal.
    • AuctionHose
    • We have a personalized auction menu for you to interact
    • You can sell and buy the items you need without any problem
    • BloodScreen
    • This is a very nice design of bleeding effect on the screen
    • It appears when it receives a blow and it is removed as you regenerate life
    • HorseRide
    • You can tame a horse only by using a command
    • You can get from a horse to a donkey
    • This option is only for rang VIP no ready for players
    • NetherWorld
    • An incredible world of nether awaits you
    • Currently this dimension has custom mobs that you must discover
    • Furnaces
    • You can level up your kilns so that the speed of knowledge increases
    • Besides that you can put to burn any material and it will give you the objects with which it is crafted
    • JetPack
    • This is a function with which you can fly with a certain object to obtain this complete missions in your survival menu
    • Recharge the carbon by putting it in the oven to cook
    • MoneyMobs
    • Another interesting way to get money is every time you kill an enemy or animal
    • Depends on the mob varies the amount you earn by killing the mob or animal
    • NameTagEdit
    • Each range is personalized with its own nametag to distinguish them from the users
    • The tags are placed automatically when obtaining any rank
    • PlayerWeight
    • Each time you have a new item in your inventory, you add a weight which when you reach a certain amount your speed decreases
    • If you want to lose weight or go faster you should only save the items in your backpack or in your enderchest so that they are not in your inventory, we recommend leaving and re-entering to update your weight faster
    • BlockRestore
    • This add-on only works in an established region. An example is the ZoneMine and the Nether world.
    • It consists in that when mining an ore after an established time, it is replaced
    • Turrets
    • This is an incredible add-on that adds fully configurable turrets
    • You can configure who to attack, mobs, animals, players in addition to improve with money to improve their damage and reach
    • Tittles - Scoreboard- Motd Join
    • Upon entering for the first time you will receive a welcome title, a motd message that will always come out when you enter and a scoreboard that will be in all the worlds
    • For version v.2 it is planned to have one scoreboard per world, one in the lobby (next to the normal world) and a separate one for the nether and the end
    • MoneyNotes
    • This add-on is to create your own notes with money (withdraw notes) so you can save your money or give it to some other player
    • TabbleCrafting
    • This is so that when you are doing crafting, the items that you are putting in the tabbling craft appear
    • Also other players who are not doing the crafting could see that you are crafting at that moment
    • Rain Toxic
    • It consists in replacing 50% of the time the rains due to acid rain
    • In addition to making the water toxic so if you get into the water in a moment after the rain is over you will receive constant damage
    • Like a normal rain when the water runs out after a few minutes it stops being toxic
    • AutoRestart
    • A self-restart consists of, after a set time, starting a restart to avoid bugs, save configurations and data.​
    • Each restart is after an hour and a half, with less than 30 minutes remaining titles and messages will start running in the chat to notify users​
    • Foralling Custom
    • Basically, it is to make the cutting down of trees real by breaking the whole tree down​
    • With any type of ax this complement works in addition to having the option to automatically go to the inventory​
    • Antorch Light
    • Even without having shaders, this option allows you to create a lighting just by holding the torch in your hand​
    • To activate this you just have to go to [ESC] - [DETAILS] [DYNAMIC LIGHT / TRUE]​
    • World Border
    • There is an established edge in the two worlds that are Spawn and Aquatic Dimension​
    • Soon an edge will be laid for the nether and the normal world​
    • Auto Pockets
    • It is a complement that makes an incredible function, it is that when you are building if you run out of the blocks of that material and you have in your inventory it sends it back to that slot so that you continue building​
    • By default it is activated wait for v.2 to be able to edit your options​
    • Holograms
    • There are many holograms installed in the lobby to give indications for decoration etc.​
    • Here I will put all the holograms that are currently possibly added more​
    • Skin Restorer
    • This option is for all non-premium users to establish their own skin​
    • Ultra Moderating
    • Give your moderators this tool to work and manage all users. Access a staffchat, a guide to handle all users and sanction them correctly.​
    • Death Messages
    • There is a plugin that modifies the style of the messages at death to make it much more visually comfortable​
    • Smelting Shop
    • This option is that you can access a menu in which you enter any mineral that can be cooked
    • This will tell you how much carbon and money you should have in your account
    • Mine Zone
    • A small mine so your users can take a couple of minerals to start their adventure
    • As the updates are up, it will be enlarged in the same lobby, there will be no more lobby changes.
    • Farm Zone
    • This area is divided into 2 small areas where there are robots placing wheat for your hungry users
    • These robots are configured to repair the established wheat from time to time.
    • Menu
    • This area is divided into 2 small areas where there are robots placing wheat for your hungry users
    • Recipe Book
    • This area is divided into 2 small areas where there are robots placing wheat for your hungry users
    • Beacon Modifiers
    • This complement has the function that you can have much more interaction and more reasons to make a beacon
    • From the beacon you can get fly for those who are not vips
    • Skills menu
    • Interact with your experience to improve your profile and be stronger and more powerful
    • You can upload certain specific skills
    • Strength, endurance, speed, less damage, etc.
    • Streak Rewards
    • Make your active players always have a reason to enter
    • They will get a daily reward if they keep their streak
    • Void Chest
    • Get a void chest to sell all your items all the time
    • Complete missions to get this reward
    • Trade System
    • Exchange items with other players
    • Or even make an item purchase and set a price
    • Races
    • Upon entering you will have the option of being one of one race or another.
    • Each race has its own advantages



    No refunds/chargebacks!
    You can not share this setup!
    You can not resell this!
    You cannot claim this configuration as yours!


    UPDATE V.4

    ▸ COMING SOON...


    » DISCORD: iRagger#1731

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