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KitBattle Advanced 5.4

Advanced version of KitBattle, The ultimate kitpvp plugin!

  1. KitBattle 5.4 has been released!

    • Fixed a bug where the fisher ability would through an error if fished something other than a player
    • Fixed a bug where players in challenges would respawn (if they had extra lives) outside the challenge
    • Fixed a bug where souper ability would continue filling after death if it was activated before death in...
  2. KitBattle 5.3 has been released!

    • Changed what the placeholder %player_next_rank_exp% displays back to what it originally displayed
    • Added the placeholder %player_next_rank_exp_difference% which shows the difference between player exp and next rank exp
    • Added an option in config.yml to allow players to build! (Enabling this removes the editmode command)... This can be helpful if you want to allow players to build plots or something somewhere! (Maybe a special map)
    For the users that downloaded 5.2...
  3. KitBattle 5.2 has been released!

    Support is appreciated!!
    • The default scoreboard can now be FULLY customized from all aspects! You can now use kitbattle placeholders listed on the main page in the scoreboard! However, you must remove the word 'kitbattle' from the listed placeholders example '%kitbattle_kills%' -> %kills%. To avoid configuration confusion delete the scoreboard section in messages.yml and let it regenerate (This is not needed but because most of the old stuff are...
  4. KitBattle 5.1 has been released!

    A nice review would be appreciated!
    • Added the command /kb vote! you can now vote for the next map if bungee mode is enabled and the shuffler is running
    • Fixed a bug where reloading in bungee mode while there are players online would break the plugin
    • Fixed a bug where you could not sell a kit that was placed in slot that has a empty slot behind it
    • Changed some very important code related to the functioning of the plugin! This version may very...
  5. KitBattle 4.8 has been released!

    • Stats gui now has different items for different stats for easier identification
    • You can now create multiple top signs for the same rank!
    • Added some respawn effects
    • Added 5 new abilities! to get the default kits generated for these abilities you must enable "Create-Default-Kits" in config.yml
    • You should also manually add them to the shop or just delete shop.yml and let it reset!
    • Ability #1: Souper! Get an item that will automatically fill your hotbar with available...