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♛ One In The Battle Advanced ♛ [Tournaments, Zombies, Freemode, Challenges, RPG] 2.8

The ultimate minigame for your players! multiple gamemodes! rpg elements! much more!

  1. OneInTheBattle 2.8 has been released!

    • Fixed a bug where you could not use the leave item in a map while in bungeemode
    • Zombies no longer show burning effects under sun
    • Fixed a bug where the slime boss would spawn small and do no damage
    • Boss zombies now have abilities that activate when they are hit (With a chance)
  2. OneInTheBattle 2.7 has been released!

    • Added Trails! Only players with the permission oitb.trails will receive the trails selector item! to get the most amount of trails you should use spigot 1.11.2!!
    • A new file will be generated with the name trails_blacklist! you can add a trail name here to remove it from the plugin... the ones generated by default block bad particles or ones that don't work so don't delete the default ones!
  3. OneInTheBattle 2.6 has been released!

    • Fixed a bug where damage holograms were displaying too many numbers and changed the format of them
    • Stats gui now has different items for different stats for easier identification
    • Updated the achievement accomplished message!