BetterChat - Keep your chat clean 1.0

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Keeps the server chat clean
BetterChat is a resource that allows you to control your chat.

- Clear Chat
- Anti-Swear
- Add/Remove words to anti-swear with an in-game command
- Anti /pl
- /discord
- /announce
- Custom configurable join / quit message
- Custom configurable kill / death message

# Prefix for the plugin
Prefix: '&8[&aBetterChat&8] &c'

- word1
- word2
- word3
- changethis

Plugins: '&fPlugins (1): &aClassified'
joinMessage: '&8[&aBetterChat&8] &a%player% has joined the server!'
leaveMessage: '&8[&aBetterChat&8] &c%player% has left the server!'

# Discord Link
discord: '&b&LDiscord: &'

# Death Messages
killer_message: '&cYou have killed &7<player>'
victim_message: '&cYou were killed by &7<killer>'

censor: '****'

BetterChat: /betterchat
Reload: /betterchat reload
ClearChat: /cc or /clearchat
Add a blacklisted word: /betterchat add [word]
Remove a blacklisted word: /betterchat remove [word]
Discord: /discord
Announce: /announce

betterchat.bypass - Bypass the anti-swear feature
betterchat.admin - Add and remove words, reload the config
betterchat.discord - Give players permission to see the discord message
betterchat.announce - Make announcements

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