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BCRanks 1.3.4-MMOCore-v2

ranks, requirements, rpg like!

  1. Scorpion

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    With BCRanks everything is possible, from a rank with 1-2 requirements to a rank with 3000+(yes that many) Even timed!

    BCRanks was made with survival in mind, but tested in creative.
    Meaning that it works in both gamemodes!

    With both the default settings and its API there is nothing that BCRanks cannot do for your ranks!


    • Many Optional Dependencies
    • Ability for developers to integrate their own requirements(Via API)
    • A simple to use API
    • Many possible Rank Requirements
    • Gui's
    • Over 5000 optional requirements per rank type.
    • Custom Listeners
    • Placeholders in messages
    • Timed ranks(optional)
    Bearcub Requirements(Met/Not Met)
    Timed and custom ranks enabled
    Visual reference for timed ranks(Cannot be clicked)

    - Buy plugin
    - Add BCRanks to plugins folder
    - Download + Add vault to plugins folder
    - Download + Add any permissions plugin to plugins folder.
    - Start server, stop server.
    - Configurate Settings.yml
    - Start server

    - /bcranks(Alias: /bcr)

    - All in the Settings.yml and TimedRanks.yml

      inventory-size: 27
      timed-size: 27
      hide-completed: true #Hides all tasks (not the bar) when all section tasks are completed
      hide-complete-single: false #Hides a single completed task from showing(Better for when ranks have many requirements)
      title-section: '&a&m=====&6{0} Statistics&a&m====='
      use-normal-ranks: true
      use-timed-ranks: true
      connect-gui-name: 'Connect Gui'
      custom-gui-name: '&4BCRanks'
      timed-gui-name: 'Timed Gui'
        days: 'Days '
        hours: 'Hours '
        minutes: 'm '
        seconds: 's'
      not-enough-mcmmo: '&4You need to train more mcmmo!'
      not-enough-cash: '&4You are lacking some money!'
      not-enough-gems: '&4You are lacking some gems!'
      not-enough-jobs: '&4You need a higher job power level!'
      not-enough-votes: '&4You need to vote more!'
      not-enough-other: '&4You are missing several other requirements...'
      no-buy-permission: '&4You do not have permission to buy {0}'
      buy-too-high: '&4You already own a rank equal or higher than this!'
      not-enough-world-stats: '&4You need to do more in-game'
      display-item-set: '&7New Display item has been created.'
      use-ranks: 'Serious error occured, both normal and timed ranks are offline. Shutting down the plugin...'
      #Item to display upon opening the GUI
        ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
        v: 1976
      section-complete: '&2You completed everything in this section!'
      other-stats: '&7[&a✔&7] {0} Level Reached.'
      world: '&7[&a✔&7] You are in the correct world.'
      block-placed: '&7[&a✔&7] Placed {0} blocks.'
      gems: '&7[&a✔&7] Reached {0} Gems.'
      jobs: '&7[&a✔&7] Reached Job Power Level {0}.'
      mcmmo: '&7[&a✔&7] Reached Mcmmo {0} Level {1}.'
      quests-points: '&7[&a✔&7] Reached {0} quest points.'
      quests-completed: '&7[&a✔&7] Completed {0} quests.'
      vault: '&7[&a✔&7] Money: {0}.'
      votes: '&7[&a✔&7] Votes: {0}.'
      other-stats: '&7[&4✘&7] {0} Required: {1}. Now: {2}'
      world: '&7[&4✘&7] World Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      block-placed: '&7[&4✘&7] Block Placement Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      gems: '&7[&4✘&7] Gems Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      jobs: '&7[&4✘&7] Jobs Power level Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      mcmmo: '&7[&4✘&7] {0} Required: {1}. Now: {2}'
      quests-points: '&7[&4✘&7] Quest Points Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      quests-completed: '&7[&4✘&7] Quests Completion Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      vault: '&7[&4✘&7] Cash Required: {0}. Now: {1}'
      votes: '&7[&4✘&7] Votes Required: {0}. Now: {1}'

    Known Bugs:
    - None

    Every feature is tested to the core, every bug report is taken serious.
    If you like what this plugin added to your server feel free to show this via:
    A donation:
    By leaving a review below!

    Before requesting a feature check: https://git.spaceio.xyz/Scorpion/BCRanks if its not already under planned additions!


    By purchasing this resource, you're granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install and use the resource on servers owned and controlled by you,
    You agree to not: decompile, reverse engineer, disasseble the plugin.
    Removing, modyfing or altering the contents of this resource in any way removes support entirely from me or staff supporting the resource.
    You also agree that this resource comes as is.
    You agree to uphold Mc-Market and the resources TOS, chargebacks are not allowed and any attemps at these are a bannable offense.

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