XLTournaments Ultimate Tournament Plugin | 25+ Objective Types [1.8 - 1.17] 3.7.1

Reward your players for participating in server-wide events!

XLTournaments is the perfect tournaments plugin where players compete in server-wide events to earn rewards! Complete with an API to include your own custom made tournaments!






25+ Tournament Objectives

  • XLTournaments has over 25 internal and external objectives suited for all server types. You can view all of them here.
  • Internal objectives do not require external dependencies and can be used straight away.
  • External objectives hook into other plugins to fetch data and use it in XLTournaments. PlaceholderAPI is also supported as an external objective type giving a much wider variety of plugins supported.
    • TokenEnchant explosive enchantments are supported for block break related tournaments. This is also configurable to use.
Tournament Timelines
  • The plugin currently offers four types of tournament timelines:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Specific (certain date and time)
  • The plugin, by default, will also get your system timezone to utilise. If you'd like to use a different timezone, this is completely customisable in each tournament configuration.
Challenge Tournaments
  • Challenge tournaments are a configurable option where players must reach a specific goal in order to complete the tournament and get rewards.
  • It's not like the ordinary tournament where rewards are given on the highest score, but to whom can complete the score goal the fastest.
Variety of Tournament Options
  • Each tournament is fully configurable with many options to modify, including:
    • World blacklist which will not contribute to the tournament.
    • Manual or automatic participation.
    • Partcipation fee (from Vault plugin) or permission requirements to enter tournament.
    • Actions executed upon entering, starting or ending a tournament.
PlaceholderAPI Placeholders
  • XLTournaments has some PlaceholderAPI placeholders available to use which can be found here.
  • No seperate expansion required.
Extensive Developer API
  • Add your own custom objectives through our API or listen for tournament events. Find out more info here including a guide to add your own objectives.

For all commands, permissions and other information including the objective types be sure to check out the wiki


Latest updates

  1. Update - v3.7.1

    v3.7.1 Changelog: Added CustomModelData option for GUI items. Example: custom_model_data...
  2. Update - v3.7.0

    v3.7.0 Changelog: Added 'mob_whitelist' config list value for MOB_KILLS objective to only...
  3. Update - v3.6.0

    v3.6.0 Changelog: Added more PlaceholderAPI placeholders, check them out here. Added...

Latest reviews

Awesome plugin, support is on point. Responses are always fast, kind and helpful. This plugin is a must for people who would like to add some competition to their server!
Works fine now no issues or anything, little bit confusing at first but after messing with it for few hours now its working as i want for server... Good plugin with so many options....
Good plugin was using for a long time on 1.14.4 but doesn't work on 1.15, even with default config.
Its pretty good I wouldn't say amazing but it does its job.
Fantastic Plugin, Fantastic Dev and Fantastic Support. Well worth the purchase.
Excellent plugin for those who want to do tournaments on their servers.
The best tournament plugin out of there !
Cheap for the quality <3
Excellent plugin. Dev is really listening to suggestions and adds them right away!


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