Proxy Basics (ANNOUNCES, DONOR CHAT & MORE!) Bungeecord Base 2.0

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an bungeecord basics with staffchat, announces and more!
Proxy basics is a bungeecord plugin that will add fabulous features to your proxy server!

Donor chat
Staff chat
High Staff chat
Hub Command
Special Lobby
Maintenance Mode
MOTD Editor
Report Command
Request Command

# iNotLazo ProxyBasics CONFIGURATION.

lobby-name: 'Lobby'
speciallobby-name: 'SpecialLobby'

whitelisted: false
whitelist-kick-msg: '&cThis server is using ProxyBasics. {nl}&cCreated by &[email protected]iNotLazo'

server_motd: "&6&lStelar Network &7| &f{nl} &aPurchase this plugin at MC-Market"

- 'Lobby'

- 'Lobby'

- ''

- ''

- ''

report-cooldown: '4' #MINUTES
request-cooldown: '2' #MINUTES

staff-join-message: '&9[Staff] &f%player% &bhas joined &f%server%&b.'
staff-leave-message: '&9[Staff] &f%player% &bhas left the server.'

donorchat-format: '&6[Donor Chat] &7(%server%) &e%player%&7: &f%message%'
staffchat-format: '&9[Staff Chat] &7(%server%) &b%player%&7: &c%message%'
highstaffchat-format: '&5[HighStaff Chat] &7(%server%) &d%player%&7: &c&l%message%'
report-format: '&4[Report] &7(%server%) &c%player% &7reported player &c&l%reported%&7! {nl}&4Reason: &7%reason%'
request-format: '&7 {nl}&6[Request] &7(%server%) &a%player% &7requested staff help: {nl}&6Message&7: %request% {nl}&7'

delay: '10' #MINUTES
prefix: '&6&lANNOUNCE &7\u2503 &f'
- announce1
- announce2
message: "&eGet this complement at MC-Market"
message: "&bContact &[email protected] &bIf you are having issues!"

/donorchat | basics.donorchat
/highstaffchat | basics.highstaffchat
/staffchat | basics.staffchat
/maintenance | basics.admin - maintenance.bypass -
/motd | basics.admin
/basicsreload | basics.admin
/report | everyone has permission, add to staffs for receive reports
/request | everyone has permission, add basics.request.see to staffs for receive reports
/stafflist | basics.stafflist
/hub | everyone has permission, add hub.specialhub for send player with this permission on join to the specified special hub in config.yml
/glist | everyone has permission
/togglenotifications | basics.togglenotifications, this command will toggle the players requests, reports and donor/staff/highstaff chat

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Latest updates

  1. FREE Proxy Basics

    Now this resource is free (you will not need Licence)
  2. ♠ Proxy Basics ♠ (ANNOUNCES, DONOR CHAT & MORE!) ♦ Bungeecord Base

    Fixed licenses system and plugin startup
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