[1.8 - 1.16.5] Custom Multiplayer Enderman Farm Design [FREE] 1.0

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Toggle 1-2 Endermen Kill Zones for Multi-Player Use!
Farm Demonstration:

The current Endermen farm designs are great. However, when it comes to Multiplayer Survival servers there are ways they can be improved. At least all designs I've come across only support one kill zone. And that makes sense when only one person is using the farm at once.

But what about when two players want to farm endermen at the same time? Running two separate endermen farms in the same end world causes inconsistent spawn rates. That's where this farm comes in. It allows one OR two players to farm endermen at the SAME time without slowing the spawn rates by using this single farm! Additionally, players don't have to deal with "stealing" each other's experience. Hence why there are two separate kill rooms rather than one they can both use.

Using a simple lever, players can switch between whether the farm uses two separate kill zones or one.


Please keep in mind that while this is a design built by myself, it does use common mechanics used in countless other farms. I used the following link for the enderman fall distance and wildberry pathfinding technique. Additionally, I learned about the endermite technique years ago from many YouTube videos.
Credit of Some Tips I Used: This Reddit Post

Lastly, for players intending to use this design on No Grief Survival servers that support land claiming, the walls and roof for the spawning platform are to prevent players from using enderpearls or /top (Essentials command) to get to the top of your farm and kill your endermite by pushing the minecart.

Walls and Roof For Spawning Platform:


For servers that allow using /back, sometimes there is a glitch where you will fall through the floor. To prevent that this farm uses a very thick floor:

Schematic Information:
The Schematic has been provided as a download. It was copied at the bottom of the enderman farm. Be sure you are:

- In the end world.
- At least 150 blocks away from any end island or Endermen can spawn.
- At a lower Y level so when you //paste it will not cut off the farm by hitting sky limit. I copied it at 26Y. It will paste the entire farm in front of you.

Adding support for AFK Killing:
- If you decide you really don't need the 2 kill rooms for 2 players to kill endermen at once, then you can remove one level of the ground blocks in the two side kill rooms and the endermen will fall to their deaths.
- Then just add a few hoppers and you now have a fully AFK endermen farm that allows toggling the exp kill area!

Terms Of Use:
- Do not claim this as your own design.
- Give proper credit if posted elsewhere.

Please leave a like or review if you find this useful. ^_^
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