Staff-Chat (ALL TYPES) || Supports 1.8.8 - 1.14 || Cryptic Development 4.0

A plugin that gives staff-chats, Donator, Admin, Owner etc.
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Supported versions
Staff-Chat [v1.0]
(( Cryptic Development ))
» Description

Ever wanted a seperate Staff-Chat for multiple staff positions? Well this is the plugin for you. There is over 5 types of Staff-Chats. For Example. Helper, Moderator, Admim, Donator & Staff-Chat.

» Images


» Commands / Perms
  • /sc (Message) (( Stands for Staff-Chat )) Perm: staffchat.use
  • /ac (Message) (( Stands for Admin-Chat )) Perm: adminchat.use
  • /mc (Message) (( Stands for Mod-Chat )) Perm: modchat.use
  • /hc (Message) (( Stands for Helper-Chat )) Perm: helperchat.use
  • /dc (Message) (( Stands for Donator-Chat )) Perm: donatorchat.use
» Configuration

» Any Questions?

If you have any questions reguarding the plugin or a commision you would like please contact one of the following people...

Project Manager: OutbackAustralia#0001
Developer: TsunamiSurfer#7361

Discord Server:

» Source Code

If you would like to purchase the source code it is priced at $5. Please contact the Developer of this plugin, which is displayed above.

» Proof of Ownership

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Latest updates

  1. Cleaned Code

    Cleanest Version out to date for this plugin/ Works Flawlessly
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